Why No One Evolves Pikachu

In the Pokemon games, almost all of them, one of the preferred electric types, is Pikachu. Pikachu has become an icon, mascot, and face of the Pokemon company ever since the Pokemon games released Pokemon Yellow. Every prior to that, the series helps Pikachu’s rise to fame by making him the starter for the protagonist Ash Ketchum.

However, through discussions on forums and with friends, we have found that not many people evolve Pikachu into Raichu. This left us wondering why? Raichu is superior in stats, and it is only logical that you evolve Pikachu when you can to get that extra boost in a special attack for a stronger thunderbolt.

In this discussion, we will talk about some of the reasons people choose not to evolve Pikachu. Feel free to let us know what you think after reading this.

Looks Are Everything

Let’s face it. If Raichu was the mascot for the Pokemon games, they would have sold less. Pikachu is cute, cuddly, and vibrantly yellow. It is a pleasing Pokemon to look at and is actually really strong in its Pikachu form.

Raichu looks like a burnt, tubby older brother of Pikachu that doesn’t want to move out of the basement. Stat wise, he is stronger. But, when it comes to looks, Pikachu is the cutest.

The Way it Moves

One of the main and most important reasons why no one will evolve Pikachu (right away), the moves learned. Pikachu learns moves in later levels that are useful depending on how you play. Raichu doesn’t learn any once evolved.

Because of this, many people will hold on to that thunderstone till Pikachu is done learning the moves they want, or all of them, before actually evolving their little electric mouse.

Light Ball

Another common reason no one will evolve Pikachu is the light ball. It is an item that greatly increases Pikachu’s Spec. Atk and is used for breeding certain moves for special Pikachus. This also goes for the novelty Pikachus too. No one evolves the surfing, flying, or ‘Ash’s Pikachu.’ This could be because you can’t also.

We hope you enjoyed this little bit of information. We do encourage the eventual evolution of Pikachu unless you are playing a special way. There have been people who raised Pichu to level 100 because they chose not to give up the cuteness. Let us know what you think, and do you evolve Pikachu?