Why Bulbasaur is Actually The Strongest Starter Gen 1-3

One of the biggest decisions you make when you start a new Pokemon game is your name, just kidding, it is your starter Pokemon. There is always some debate as to what exactly is the strongest starter Pokemon you can choose. Many say Charmander being evolved to Charizard, and they aren’t far off. However, the discussion today is about how Bulbasaur is the strongest starter, or more specifically, Venusaur.

If you like what you read, be sure to leave us a comment below. Please note that this article is based strictly on our opinion. Without any more stalling, here is why we believe Bublasaur is actually the strongest starter Gen 1-3.

Because we are only including gen 1-3 in our analysis, we will not be mentioning any mega evolution stats (which Venusaur wins hands down).

Multitype Starter

Bulbasaur is actually the first multitype starter, leaving you to have to wait until Gen 3 to get another multitype starter Pokemon. Why is this a plus, you ask? Coverage. Yes, the poison type gives Bulbasaur and extra weakness; however, it also gives him access to poison type moves which brings us to our next point.

The First Staller

Bulbasaur has a naturally high base defense, and special defense, with the right nature, can be buffed. Now a lot of people say that natures don’t matter much in Pokemon game playthroughs. However, they do help if you are making a specific build like staller.

Bulbasaur is able to learn many debilitating moves to help him render his foe weak. Mixed with a solar beam, leech seed, or protect, this makes for an excellent staller when you inflict toxic on someone or get a good sludge bomb off.

Great Beginnings

In the Pokemon games, you will find that someone who is just starting out playing will have to learn fairly fast about type and strategies. Bulbasaur makes this easy mode seeing as how he holds a higher type advantage against the gyms in Kanto.

He also makes the elite four crumble and turns most of your rivals’ team into weaklings with weaknesses to lightning.

Strong Finish

The other thing that makes Bulbasaur and its evolutionary line the best, their ability to be played in multiple ways. Though being a sweeper isn’t the ideal play for this evolutionary line, stalling and debilitating or debilitating and whittling down make it to where these Pokemon stand strong at the end of a fight.

Giga Drain, Leech Seed, Toxic, Sleep Powder, all good moves to know in order to be unstoppable. Sticking to type advantages, you will be better off more with Bulbasaur than Squirtle or Charmander.

Like we previously stated, this is mere opinion. And though the stat breakdowns favor Squirtle, actuality leads us to believe that the best choice is indeed the dinofrog Bulbasaur. In comparison to the other gens, he shines in his own special way and has the edge over the other grass types you get for starters. Let us know your opinion in the comments, and thanks for reading.