Weird Pokemon Go Tricks Tried to Hatch Eggs

Ah, Pokemon GO, the game that gets you off the couch and walking again. The sun burning your pale skin as your eyes try to readjust to a foreign atmosphere of not sitting in front of a television. Probably the more aggravating things of Pokemon Go is the egg hatching, though. Having to walk great distances to hatch your many, many eggs makes it time-consuming, and lazy people just can’t have that kind of effort in their lives.

So, the discussion for today is the weirdest and laziest tricks tried in hatching eggs on Pokemon GO. Most of the players with common sense know that eggs hatch based on the miles walked based on GPS coordinates. However, lazy and absent-minded have attempted several worrisome ways to hatch their eggs.

The result wasn’t their egg cracking open, but instead their phone. So, without further stalling for word count, here are the weirdest Pokemon go tricks tried while hatching eggs.

On The Cat Walk

We have heard of walking the dog, but having the dog walk your phone seems lazy. Not just dogs, but cats, chickens, rabbits, and ferrets have been strapped with harnesses, ribbon, and in some sad cases, tape to hold a phone to their body and left to roam free to hatch eggs. This is borderline animal abuse and a testament to how far people will go to be lazy.

In the Fast Lane

Okay, we are all a little guilty of this one. Opening our Pokemon GO app in a traffic jam, or driving really slow on back roads just to get a few extra miles on our eggs. However, this is weird because people have gone about this all wrong. Some strapped their phones to their tires, breaking their phones. Others have held up traffic in the fast lane trying to get to their last couple feet, resulting in tickets and accidents.

Your Biggest Fan

This one is our personal favorite, strapping the phone to a fan in order to try and get the distance. Mind you, as previously stated, your distance is calculated by GPS coordinates, not walking in circles, or in this case spinning in circles. This has also resulted in some very broken phones.

Racing Down The Street

Other more innovative individuals have taken remote control cars and strapped their phones to them, then raced up and down their street for some fast miles. This has also resulted in broken phones, wipeouts, and cars getting crush by actual cars.

Honorable Mention

There is one special person who receives an honorable mention. After being told that their eggs will hatch faster in the microwave, the Pokemon craze took over, and logic went out the window.  After throwing their phone in the microwave and turning it on, they found out that their phone was able to melt. They posted an angry tweet about it and became famous for being stupid.

There you have it. We hope you have had a good laugh and learned great ways not to try hatching eggs. Maybe people should just suck it up and walk more. Anyway, let us know any goofy ways you’ve tried to hatch eggs.