New Pokemon Reveal Coming February 27

The new Pokemon reveal is coming February 27th, on Pokemon Day!

With a new Pokemon release right around the corner, Pokemon trainers are excited to add a new partner into their Pokedex. The first look at this mysterious new Pokemon was revealed during Corocoro’s live stream. The following copy of the magazine released the silhouette of the new Pokemon in the classic “Who’s that Pokemon?” fashion. The official English Pokemon Twitter account released the first look at this new Pokemon that will be fully revealed during Pokemon Day on the 27th of February.

Once the first showing of this Pokemon was released, Twitter users got to work on figuring out the Pokemon. They have also been investigating how the lore of the series and the Pokemon will come together. TAHKO, a Twitter user with a keen-eye, managed to spot the design of what appears to be the new Pokemon on the wristband of the new character that will appear in a coming anime film, Pokemon the Movie: Coco. Some speculate that this film is a possible remake of the fifth Pokemon film (Pokemon Heroes), only in a jungle setting.

While the lore and film are under speculation from a crowd anticipating the upcoming Pokemon releases, many questions will be answered on February 27th, during Pokemon Day. We will also potentially learn about the introduction of the new Pokemon into Sword and Shield, as well as the upcoming film. The new Pokemon release has everyone waiting impatiently for information. There is always excitement when a new Pokemon is being released.

Once we get more information, we will share it with you. We all await Pokemon Day, and very few will miss it. What do you think is more exciting, the new Pokemon release, or the new movie set to be released?


At this point, the mystery Pokemon hinted at in the above image is still just theory. However, many are finding a close resemblance between the jungle boy in the latest trailer for Pokemon The Movie: Coco.

While we’re not sure we buy into the theory of the jungle boy being the reveal, we think it could be a major hint that it’s going to be a jungle type Pokemon.

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