Best Poison Type Pokemon

Looking for the best poison type Pokemon for your collection? Poison type Pokemon is one of the lesser-used types of Pokemon used has to be the poison type. It is a hidden garden of amazement, however, and is a very hearty and powerful type. With only weaknesses being psychic and ground, it is able to stall out, whittle down, or just straight demolish the competition with its different combination of poisonous moves.

There is a lot of different poisonous type Pokemon, but we are only going to cover three in this article to help you find the top poison type Pokemon for you.

1. Gengar (#094)

#094 Gengar

This is our pick for the number 1 poison type Pokemon. In the Pokemon games, Gengar is introduced in generation 1 (Gen 1). With its Ghost/Poison Typing and high Special attack, this Pokemon becomes a super sweeper. Toxic, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, and other special attacks make this Pokemon a king among poison type Pokemon.

The ghost typing eliminates the threat of ground-based attack, as well as adding some type of advantage to psychic Pokemon. Being able to stall with a nightmare and hypnosis, or whittle their HP with Toxic as you lower their special defense with Shadow Ball.

This Pokemon has many different applications including one of the strongest physical sweepers in the game. Very common in competitive play, Gengar earns its position and we salute it.

2. Roserade (#407)

#407 Roserade

This Pokemon was released in Gen 4. To increase its predecessor’s sweeping abilities, this poison/grass type Pokemon has a high special attack with a nice speed stat to boot. This Pokemon can be used as a sweeper, status inflicter, defensive support, and even a weather changer for strong power.

Its typing allows it to sweep on the ground, eliminating one of its weaknesses. The only real reason you find Roserade on the number 2 slot is because of its other weaknesses formed by the grass typing.

3. Muk (#089)

#089 Muk

This smelly blob of poison was first introduced in the Pokemon games of generation 1. He has a great majority of different strategies that can be used that make him number three on our list. He can be a stall out Pokemon with his minimize, sludge bomb, and toxic.

He can learn a variety of attacks to play off his high attack stat and become a bulky sweeper. He is also a go-to in many poison type challenges. To be honest, all three of the Pokemon are tied because of their different strengths.

The only reason our precious Muk sits at #3 is because of his single typing, Alolan Muk is still a great addition, but didn’t make a list due to the new weakness of fighting type moves that plow through his defense.

There you have it, our top 3 poison type Pokemon from the Pokemon games. If you enjoy what you read, let us know. Also, who is your favorite poison type Pokemon? Thank you for reading, and check out our other article about the best flying type Pokemon, or legendary Pokemon.