Top 3 Glitches in Pokemon History

In any game, there is an exploit or glitch that select players seek to exploit in order to make themselves stronger or gain the upper hand. Whether it is an infinite life on Mario or unlimited ammo in an FPS, there is always some cheat or exploit that you can take advantage of.

Well, in this discussion, we have decided to talk about the glitches in the Pokemon games. There are so many, too many to cover, so we picked the top 3 exploited glitches to discuss with you. We will not be explaining how to do the glitches for the simple fact that not everyone believes in these glitches. We do not encourage cheating or exploiting to get through any game, much less Pokemon. Enjoy reading and feel free to comment below.

All Three Starters

In the original GSC Pokemon games, the idea of having all three starters was the ideal way to start your master Pokemon team. Of all the glitches, this one was the first to be made apparent on the Gold and Silver versions, being able to exploit a PC save issue. Though two of the Pokemon wouldn’t show up as owned until evolution, it still helped with breeding and maxing out Pokédex.


Perhaps the most famous glitch from the Pokemon games was the Missingno. glitch. This glitch focused on maxing out items in a specific slot of your bag, which was commonly used for nuggets, rare candies, and TMs. Breaking the game completely (making it too easy), this has been rated the most used glitch of all Pokemon games.

The Mew Glitch

One of the most sought after Pokemon in the original RBY games is Mew. Not just because it was the 151st Pokemon in the Pokédex, but because this Pokemon can learn any move available and holds some of the highest stats in those particular games.

The glitch involves exploiting the fly function at the right time, leaving you with a random encounter in another area that gives you a single chance to catch a low-level version of this legendary Pokemon. There have been so many different false cheats to gain mew, so when one surfaced that actually worked, people exploited the hell out of it for trades, party purposes, or bragging rights.

Honorable Mention

Honorable mention goes to the most common glitch in all the Pokemon games, the walk-through walls glitch. Though every Pokemon game had a different process of performing this glitch, it was used to get past tough trainers or into secret patches of grass.

Though we chose not to reveal the process of performing the glitches, we hope you enjoyed learning about the different glitches from the older games. Comment below with any glitches you have used, and let us know what you think about our informative piece.