4 Pokemon Types That Make No Sense


Within the Pokemon games you find hundreds of different Pokemon types in different combinations. We say in the Pokemon games because, although there are Pokemon types in the shows and movies, it hardly does the protagonist any good to know the types.

Anyhow, as we were saying, these different types determine the moves learned and effectiveness of the moves used. However, there are some Pokemon that are just typed in weird ways based off their looks, move set, or Pokédex entry. So, this article was made to give you 4 of the Pokemon that were typed in ways that just make no sense.


This Pokemon is from the first generation, it’s obvious typing is water. However, it’s second type is non-existent. Though many believe that Golduck is a psychic type, it isn’t. This makes no sense since its pre-evolution is literally named Psyduck… psychic duck. With the ability to know several psychic moves, this Pokemon sits strongly at number 4 on our list.