Post Elite Four Activities for Pokemon Trainers

We don’t know how many times we have reset a Pokemon game because we thought we had it beat. The Elite Four was tackled, our version of the perfect Pokemon team evolved and trained, and in most cases caught all the Legendaries. However, we got older and learned that we had been playing it wrong the whole time. Especially with the more recent games that offer three times as many side activities as the original RBY Pokemon games.

So, what do you do after you beat the Elite Four? Well that is a good question that doesn’t have only one answer. Let’s face it, there are dozens of things you can honestly do with a Pokemon game after you have taken down the Elite Four. That is why we wrote this article, to give you some more insight into the game that you claim to have been beaten.

Collect’em All

Not the Pokemon, the items. There are hundreds of items in the game, hidden and waiting for the Pokemon master to discover them. From potions to TMs, you can spend hours in a day trying to find everything hidden throughout the game. But this isn’t all that you can do.

Catch ’em All

Now we are talking about Pokemon. There are over 700 Pokemon in some of the games, and more than 800 to date. This leaves you with plenty to do while you discover new ones. You might even make some new favorites and form some new teams.

The Perfect Pokemon

Breeding doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, but putting your mind to it and properly breeding Pokemon for the perfect stats, natures, and move set can be a great goal for you to set for yourself. Make knew starter Pokemon that are stronger than your originals, create a party of perfect Pokemon and really humiliate the Elite Four.

Competitive Battles

This one isn’t a simple task. In the newer games you are able to connect to the internet, and battle trainers from around the world. EV training your Pokemon, teaching them the right moves and breeding them for peak conditions in order to win every battle is only the beginning with this optional after game task. You must formulate a proper strategy to overcome the opponents perfectly trained Pokemon.

There are several things you find yourself able to do when the Elite Four is done beaten. Resetting your game should never be your first option. Let us know what you think below, and as always thank you for reading.