Pokemon Inspired by Folklore

Pokemon Folkore anyone? With over 807 different Pokemon in 18 types, you are left wondering how they thought up these pocket monsters that have captured our attention and love. Well, we wondered the same thing and did a little research into some of the folklore that surrounds some of our favorite Pokemon.

You would be amazed to how many Pokemon are linked back to myths, legends, and cultural folklore in several different nations. Please enjoy our list of Pokemon inspired by folklore.


Mawile Pokemon Folklore

Based on a popular yokai story, Mawile is designed to have two mouths. The yokai story is about a farmer’s new wife who seemingly never needed to eat. The farmer was overjoyed by this, because of the money he saved on food.

One night he wakes up, after noticing a decrease in his grain storage, only to find his wife asleep but a second mouth wide awake. Hair like tendrils were feeding the second mouth from the farmer’s food storage. Creepy!


Ninetails Pokemon Folklore

This majestic fox is based off of Japanese mythology about fox spirits that grow a new tail every 100 years. After obtaining their 9th tail they are granted infinite knowledge and godlike power. Their fur also turns from red to a golden white.

This Kitsune is a bold inspiration for Vulpix’s red fur into a golden white as it evolves into Ninetails. Baring many different legends and myths, kitsunes are often known as tricksters or demons that show no mercy to those who challenge them. Be glad we didn’t mention Naruto in this lore… Well that failed.


Dunsparce Pokemon Folklore

Ah, this seemingly useless pun of a Pokemon actually has some folklore basis from Japan. The inspiration behind this fat flat yellow blob is actually a fat flat snake that many claims exists.

The snake that is the inspiration is known as the tsuchinoko. It was said to have the ability to leap through the air, adorned with a poisonous stinger on its tail. Looking at the two, you can see massive similarities.


Arcanine Pokemon Folklore

Found in many lore from India, China, and Japan, Arcanine finds itself based off a guardian dog/lion like deity. Commonly found in pairs, it is said that this spirit will protect the business/home of those who put it on display.

Its name in Chinese culture is Shíshī which is very similar to the Shishi, or lion. Being one of the most well-known Pokemon in the Pokéverse, Arcanine comes from a noble background that should be respected.


Well, that wraps up some of the folklore that we have found on some popular Pokemon. We also have an article that explains the Origin stories of many legendary Pokemon, if you’re interested.

Let us know what you think and check out the other articles to learn more. Thank you for reading.