Pokemon Origins Movie Review

Disclaimer: Still haven’t seen Pokemon Origins? We won’t hold it against you, but the following is our quick review on it. We tried to avoid spoilers, just in case. However, there may be some parts considered spoilers to some – read at your own risk.

Pokemon Origins was originally split into 4 television episodes that aired in Japan in October 2013.  It’s American release was in November 2013. This series follows the protagonist Red. As many know, Red is the main character of the original Pokemon games and remakes Fire Red and Leaf Green. Also featured is his rival Blue, as well as Team Rocket.

Beginning at the start of Red’s journey, Pokemon Origins follows Red and his Charmander as they battle other trainers, take on Gyms and challenge Team Rocket. Encountering useful knowledge, making friends, and battling his rival along the way, this game keeps to the story arc that we meet in the video games.

Unlike other Pokemon movies, this was created out of a mini-series that aired. Compiled into one movie, it is a straightforward fan favorite and instant classic.

The Good Part of Pokemon Origins

The relationships in Pokemon Origins make you feel attached and definitely provides an emotional touch along with a side of nostalgia for those who remember playing Red and Blue as children. The story itself was well executed and provided a more open view of everything than you got in the game.

One of our favorite aspects of Pokemon Origins is the growth that is shown of Red. What we mean is he isn’t an instant master; he actually has to learn and grow as a trainer through a process of challenging the gym leaders. The script was solid, and the voice actors brought the characters to life with accuracy.

The Bad Part of Pokemon Origins

There are a lot of aspects of the games that they could have added, and only covering a couple of the actual gym battles takes away from the Pokemon journey we want to see. The story is more or less a progression line of Red working towards his goal of completing the Pokédex. The actual progress shown is minimal as the creators tried to keep attention more on the emotional impact than the series would have. The Pokemon Origins series itself was only 4 episodes, and we felt they could have taken it a lot further than just that.

The Verdict

The good definitely outweighs the bad. This is a must see for any fan of the Pokemon movies, Pokemon games, or Pokemon series in general. It is one of those movies you find yourself staying up late to watch again because of the feeling of nostalgia that comes with it.

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