Pokemon Fan Theories Part 2

Welcome back to our second installment of popular Pokémon theories. These articles follow the biggest fan theories that surround the Pokémon world, both game and television show.

If you haven’t read Pokémon Fan Theories Part 1, check it out. It has some of the most popular fan theories that add a dark twist to the Pokéworld that we know.

Please enjoy this installment of fan theories with an open mind. We do not take credit for these fan theories, and all credit should go to the minds of those that thought them up.

Ageless Ash

Now we know that the Pokémon show is just that, a show. However, how come birthdays have been present without the factor of age added to the protagonist, Ash Ketchum? This is, simply put, a dark theory that makes the whole journey more understandable.

Ash Ketchum is in a coma. Just let that sink in, then look at the evidence. He was attacked by a flock of Spearow shortly after receiving Pikachu as his first Pokémon. In the show, you see Ash and Pikachu form an unbreakable bond that only grows with time. The bond grows as he accomplishes great feats and collects badges. While being the chosen one from many different legends, and witness to many different legendary Pokémon that many sought after, to never even catch a glimpse.

What if Ash was actually put into a coma during the original attack? Then while hospitalized he dreams up this grand adventure… He never sees himself past his own age, so he doesn’t age in the dream. He just progresses with his adventure that was designed by his fantasies and ideals of what a Pokémon trainer’s journey is like.

Ditto and Mew are the Same

Mew’s DNA was used for many experiments to study the origin of all Pokémon, as well as the code that creates them. Pokémon theories claim that maybe Ditto is a failed mew clone.

Surrounding evidence includes the move set. Ditto is only able to learn one move, Transform. The only other Pokémon that learns this move naturally is Mew. The pink color, and playful nature are also suggested as similarities. Farfetch’d? Well, these scientists didn’t just create ditto, they also created Mewtwo using the DNA of Mew.

What’s your thoughts on this one? There’s a comment section, so let us know!

Kangaskhan is Cubone’s Mother

The Pokédex entry for Cubone is a sad one, stating that the skull bone it wears is actually the skull bone of its mother who has become deceased (Perhaps in the great Pokémon war). What would Cubone look like if it’s mother never died? Perhaps it would be a tiny Kangaskhan, chilling in the pouch of its mother.

The skull does resemble the head of a Kangaskhan, and the difference in typing and evolution is easily explained by the environment that they exist in. Cubone doesn’t evolve into a full grown Kangaskhan because the skull bone restricts the growth past a certain size.

We hope you enjoyed these Pokémon theories created by the fans of the Pokéverse. Please look for other articles investing time into more fan theories and let us know what you think below. Thank you for reading.