Most Ridiculous Pokemon

Over the years, we have seen Pokémon grow into a bustling community of Pokéfans always craving their next dose of Pokémon. With over 700 different Pokémon in the games and series, you know there has to be some ridiculous Pokémon created. So, this article will list off four of the most ridiculous Pokémon in our opinions and we will give a brief explanation about why. After you read this article feel free to check out some of our other ones and let us know below what you think.

#1 Klefki


Don’t let this ridiculous looking Pokémon fool you, it is actually a very decent stall Pokémon in the games. However, the concept is just painful to look at. We mean, in all practicality, if you needed a safe place to put your keys so you don’t lose them, this is the Pokémon to have. We’re sure every janitor wants to catch this little guy. All jokes aside, using this Pokémon can really open doors in team battles. Sorry, had to.

#2 Voltorb/Electrode






This has to be the laziest Pokémon design ever! Could you imagine reaching for your Pokéball and it just explodes and blows off your freaking hand? This is exactly how that happens. We can only imagine the conversation of its creation now.

“How about a Pokéball that blows up?”

“What Type would it be?”

“Electric, but it just explodes so let’s not teach it any electric moves.”

“Does it evolve?”

“No, it just rolls over!”

“Take a fist full of dollars sir!”

There are some fan theories that suggest it is really just a Haunter that possessed it’s Pokéball during a trade. We are sure Pokémon predate Pokéball, so what’s the deal Game Freak?

#3 Ducklett


Who’s that Pokémon? It’s a run of the mill DUCK. Okay, what happened here guys? Were you playing duck hunt and got hit with the epiphany of Ducklett? To quote the younger generation, it’s basic. It didn’t even get any punny move sets. You might have well given Farfetch’d an evolution before making this Pokémon a thing. Was Psyduck not enough? Are we going for a Pokémon Duck Tails set up in the near future?

#4 Vanillite


This seems like the beginning of a prank that someone’s older sibling would play on them while they are still easily scarred. “Here I got you an ice cream cone.” “HAH! It has a face, now freeze!”. This Pokémon’s creation was the beginning of the end, we thought. The saddest part about this ice cream cone with attacks, it evolves into a double scoop. Then a triple. We have no earthly idea how someone came up with this Pokémon, but they should be slapped.

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