Pokemon Fan Theories Part 1

Over the course of the history of Pokémon, there has been an unbelievable amount of Pokémon theories that have begun to make themselves famous among the fandom surrounding both the Pokéverse and the Pokémon games. We’ve decided to convert these theories into a short series over the course of four articles.

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We aim to unveil the most popular of the fan theories, while adding a bit of our own insight into the theories themselves. Please note, we do not claim to be the original creators of these theories, all credit should go to those brilliant and twisted minds that have thought them up.

Ash’s Father

Let’s start with the most common of all the fan theories, Ash’s father. There has been some speculation throughout the course of the television series about who Ash’s biological father is. Some believe that the absent father figure is in fact Giovanni from Team Rocket.

The argument behind this theory is that Ash’s mom was once a member of Team Rocket that fell in love with Giovanni. Shortly after becoming impregnated, she stepped away from the criminal group to raise her son properly. This is reflected strongly at the relationship of both Ash and Team Rocket. Additionally, this is true for Red and Giovanni in both the Pokémon games and the Pokémon movie following Red.

Other potential candidates for Ash’s father suggest that Professor Oak may be his father. Even Bruno of the elite four is under suspicion. There is reference and a blackened silhouette that is revealed of Ash’s father in the series during the Johto Season.

Ash’s mom refers to his father as a great trainer who went off on his own, which follows the back story for all the candidates with the exception of Prof. Oak. However, we feel that this theory is going to stay a lie based on our next most common theory of the Pokéverse.

The Great Pokémon War

This theory is one that has circulated throughout the fandom of both the Pokémon games and the Pokémon television series. It is referenced by Lt. Surge, stating that his Pokémon saved him and protected him through the war. How does this tie into our last Pokémon theory?

Well, simply put, the great Pokémon war called all male trainers to the front lines. This includes Ash’s father. Maybe his mother lied about his whereabouts because she can’t come to terms with his death, or MIA status after the war had ceased. That would explain why the game is full of fatherless children, and you are given a Pokédex.

Yes, the Pokédex is a product that was thought up after the war. A tool to catalog the surviving species during the aftermath of the world. It would also explain why there are so many species in the different games, as well as why the stronger Pokémon are rarer than others.

We have more theories ahead, so look for our other Pokémon Theories articles in the future and let us know what you think. Thank you for reading!