Pokémon Go Version 0.43.3 & 1.13.3

Version 0.43.3 (Android) and 1.13.3 (Ios) has brought a few changes to the look of things. The first change being with the egg system and how it works. On Niantic’s website, they explained with the update, Professor Willow has now detected various patterns in the eggs depending on their distance for hatching. With three egg types, 2km, 5km and 10km, they have all been given a different look. The update has changed eggs into three colors, green (2km), orange (5km), and purple (10km).

In addition to the egg colors, the Pokémon screens got an overhaul too. They will now show the Pokémon type, which is probably a feature thought up after recently launching an update that allows players to get catch bonuses from their medals. Medals are earned by catching a set number of the same Pokémon, such as fire Pokémon. This feature will allow players to easily check the Pokémon type without having to search online for it.

The update also adds a feature for Pokémon Go Plus users, with an indicator that alerts you when the battery is running low.