Spawn and Candys Increase this Halloween

For everyone still playing Pokémon Go, and stats show it is a bunch of you, it seems good news is coming this Halloween. The Pokémon Go Facebook page has released information about a possible increase in Pokémon spawns.

This isn’t much to run with, but it’s expected that ghost type Pokémon are going to be spawning at a higher rate during the holiday, with a possible increase with rare Pokémon on Halloween day.  It’s also being tossed around the first ever Pokémon Go event could occur on Halloween. Oh, and the amount of candy you get will be increased too!

As of now, the event is only a rumor and rather unlikely being so close to Halloween. However, the candy and ghost type Pokémon spawns will be increasing. Although, Niantic’s AR game Ingress does put on regular events, which is one of the features that brings the most attention. The events usually drive a story, with character roles being narrated by actors.

Of course, the events for Ingress are announced shortly after the current event ends, with the next event being Via Noir. What this means is, the chances of an event being put together in a short amount of time for a larger game is unlikely. But, John Hanke, Tech Times CEO hinted about holding similar events with Pokémon Go, while being part competitive and part social.

Also, Hanke stated he would like full PVP being added, with trading, Pokémon centers, and Pokémon that are genuinely rare, like legendary birds. He refers to the current version as being ‘a minimum viable product’ and that many more features are to come.

With that said, even without an official Pokémon Go event this Halloween, we can all take advantage of the Pokémon spawn increase and double candy’s!