By using PokeLens, we could see what Pokémon battles actually look like…

A Pokémon RPG battle system was created in a fan-made Hololens, which proves augmented Pokebattles could be even more interesting and complex compared to Pokémon Go.

As seen in the video, PokeLens is a head tracked AR Pokebattle system that keeps track of the user’s hand gestures for input. The one wearing the PokeLens is able to see Pokémon that show around their environment, then they get to battle the Pokémon in similar fashion to the classic Pokemon battles, using quick attacks and special attacks, and of course capturing with Pokeballs.

@kennywdev, the creator, has worked with Pokémon Visual reality related experiences for a long time, and this includes plexiglass prism which allows image tracking and projections of Pokémon scenes in rudimentary 3D.

However, this is not the first time Pokémon has been related to Hololens projects that we have come across. Back in July, the company CapitolaVR had released a video of an aspirational idea.

Meanwhile, PokeLens is simply an unofficial fan-made project right now, but no one knows where it may lead. As for now, we can only hope that Pokémon fans get to enjoy a deeper AR experience in the future, with superficial battle systems that can be discovered in juggernaut, another popular Niantic Labs mobile game. That is, until we learn more about the recent Battle Mode tease.