When to Expect Release of Pokémon GO Buddy System

This has been the big question in the PokémonCraze community for the last several days, when will we get the latest update with the new Buddy System feature? Well, Niantic has already stated that the new feature will be released in the next update, which is good news. Of course, none of us can wait to use the feature to earn more candy.

The bigger question is, when should we expect this update? Well, here recently Niantic has been releasing updates on a bi-weekly basis usually on Monday or Tuesday. However, with Monday being a holiday (Labor Day), it’s hard to determine if they will release it on the holiday, or on Tuesday, but we expect by Wednesday everyone will likely have the feature available. That is, if they are keeping with their recent update activity.

It seems that Niantic has decided to release updates more often, and it appears they have been using a bi-weekly method. Below is a list that shows the most recent major updates:

July 6th: Pokémon GO launched in New Zealand, Australia, and the United States

  • July 13th: Fixed login problems and server crashes
  • July 20th: Corrected minor text issues
  • July 30th: Removed footprint tracking, introduced custom avatars
  • August 8th: Added new sightings feature with ‘Nearby’ feature beta testing in San Francisco. Can change nicknames once.
  • August 23rd: Added Pokémon appraisal feature, slightly improved distance tracking.


Does your mobile device have automatic updates set? If not, you will want to keep checking the iOS or Android app store starting Monday night or Tuesday. You could also keep tabs on Niantic’s Pokémon GO Twitter account or Facebook page too.