Pokémon GO Buddy System, Getting More Candies

Although the release of Pokémon GO took off like NASA’s latest rocket, it has struggled to maintain the popularity. In recent weeks, the amount of active users has gone way down, by more than 10 million players. Although a good portion of this is likely due to the massive amount of account bans Niantic dished out, many players simply got fed up with all the ‘updates’.

This leaves Niantic rushing to please the remaining players, otherwise their third month may see a decrease in revenue compared to the first two months. How are they trying to satisfy players now? With the buddy system! Oh, and lifting bans for some players.

That’s right, Niantic has announced that in the next update they are going to include a buddy system that allows players to walk around with their Pokémon, which can be changed at any time. But, not only are you going to get to walk with your favorite Pokémon from your collection, you will get more rewards!

When walking, your Pokémon will appear next to the trainer avatar. There are rumors that your Pokémon buddy may help in different ways, such as helping catch Pokémon. There is also talk about the new buddy system helping trainers gain more Pokémon candies based on distance walked, but right now the only thing known is Niantic promises a release of the buddy system soon.

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