Could Pokemon GO be Getting New Incense

As previously reported, the coding for Pokemon GO has signs that new things are coming, such as a captcha feature and possibly, new incense? That’s right, there have been clues discovered that hint around about various types of incense.

There were three code items located by Redditor TheSilphRoad that have not been found in prior versions of Pokemon GO code, they are:

  • Item_incense_cool
  • Item_incense_spicy
  • Item_incense_floral

As of now, incense is used by trainers to draw in Pokemon. It has been discovered that incense work better when the player is moving around, but there hasn’t been a way to confirm which Pokemon would appear when using the incense. One theory is that the three different incense types could be used for attracting certain Pokemon types.

For example, “Cool incense” may be used as a way to attract Water Types, and “Floral” and “Spicy” Incense could be for attracting Grass and Fire Types. Maybe these are ways that players can attract more Squirtle, Charmander or Bulbasaur to their area?

Although, there is also the possibility that these file names are simply placeholders for items not yet introduced. Pokemon GO also has many other things embedded in the coding, including:

  • Various types of berries
  • Master Ball – 100% capture rate
  • Captcha feature for botters

If more incense types are added, it creates a new question regarding how they would be obtained. Currently, the only way to obtain incense is from reaching a milestone level which occurs every five levels, or buying them in the store.

It has been speculated since the release of Pokemon GO that the ‘free to play’ would mean having exclusive items that can only be bought in the store. But, so far that’s not fully happened.

Niantic has been slowly rolling out new features, but have largely focused on the stability of the servers, tracking and cheating. The latest update did introduce a new Pokemon Appraisal system though, allowing players to figure out the ‘IV Stats of their Pokemon.