Pokemon GO First Gen Spawn Rates Discovered

So, Pokémon Go is really popular right now, but at times it has been hard to understand. Without spending a lot of time researching on the net, you probably would have no clue how to figure out the appraisal feature, determine power levels of your creatures, or how to even catch Pikachu as your starter Pokémon.

Another thing that most trainers ask is how do you know when a Pokémon will spawn? The truth is you will find Rattatas and Pidgeys quicker than you would a Blastoise, so what are the actual spawn rates for all 151 original Pokémon?

The great news is, there are some really dedicated fans out there that have put together a list of the spawning rates!

Recently, a published detailed chart of the spawning rates was released by Pokemon Go Hub. It details all of the 151 First generation Pokémon beginning with Bulbasaur and ending with Mew. This chart was created using over 100 million data points, and the percentages were calculated from week to week.

According to this chart, Pidgey is the most common Pokémon and it has a 15.98% spawn rate followed by Rattata who comes in at 13.05% and lastly there is Weedle who is at 7.12%. Unfortunately, Dragonite has a pretty depressing rate of 0.0011% while Gyarados has a spawn rate of 0.0032%.

To be honest, it is a pretty depressing chart, but if you use the most active spawn times, you could certainly end up with a pretty rare Pokémon that you have been looking for the whole time you have been playing.

It appears that Niantic has also changed around common spawning nests worldwide in a recent server-sided patch.