Pokemon GO May Release Captcha Feature_featured

It is well known that Niantic is not a fan of people trying to find loopholes to playing their game. For those that are dead set on catching them all without actually being active started getting lifetime bans over the past few weeks. Of course, this does not mean cheating has been fully eliminated. Now, Niantic could be ready to take it even further and release a new Captcha feature that is intended for authenticating people over bots.

At this time, Niantic has not started using the new feature, but traces of the concept could be seen with the last update – which also changed many spawning nests – which could reduce the use of bots even more.

Programmers that have accessed the source code have found references to the captcha feature, which includes this image:

Pokemon GO May Release Captcha FeatureCredit: Pokemon Go Hub

When it becomes active, it is expected to make cheating with bots more challenging. Also, a bot creator for Pokemon GO gave a statement to Business Insider that said it’s simply a matter of time before all hacks stop working.

Steven Bartell, creator of Insta-PokeGo said “This will be really tough to crack”. More than 3.3 million Pokemon was caught using the services within a week, but is planning to shut down to prevent lifetime account bans.

FastPokeMap is one third party service that shows Pokemon spawns, but it too could be going down with the next update. Apparently, all hope for cheaters relies in how Niantic decides to rollout the security features.


If they prompt the captcha when using Pokestops or when catching Pokemon, they could continue to exist. However, if Niantic is smart about it and prompts players when suspicious behavior is detected, it could be the end of these apps too.

Of course, this security measure will not affect cheats like GPS spoofing.