How Pokemon Could Save The World

Fun fact, Pokemon could save the world!

Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of Pokemon, used to collect insects as a way of inspiration for the beloved Pokemon characters. This, however, was more than the inspiration for collecting and taming wild monsters. It was a message of conservation of nature’s creatures.

They are caring for them, protecting them, treating them right. Just maybe, as people leave their homes in search of Pokemon, they will give consideration to the environment around them. This could help conserve it for the real animals in the world.

Pokemon Go, A Science Project

An Oxford University doctoral candidate in the Department of Zoology, Leejiag Dorward, spoke of the similarities of the 2016 release of Pokemon Go with the concepts that are found in nature conservation and history.

Dorward states, “The Basic facts and information about Pokemon Go make it sound like an incredibly successful citizen science project, rather than a smartphone game.” This led to the exploration of how the conservation movement will be impacted by the success of Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Can Be Educational

It is hard to determine how many Pokemon fans are rooting for the environment; the series itself makes for an excellent first step towards bringing excitement to nature and conservation.

There have been studies using a card game similar to Pokemon, known as Phylo. These cards helped players learn more about animals. The study showed results that revealed that this method was more successful educational than a PowerPoint presentation.

It may just be a dream to see society get excited about nature and conservation again. However, it is a dream that many shares. If Pokemon can play a part in the preservation of our nature and environment, then so can those who play Pokemon. Remember to be aware of your surroundings. Not just in the sense of being aware because you are looking at your phone, but open up your eyes to what’s going on around you.