The Best Grass Type Pokemon (Gen 1+)

While Pokemon has been around for decades, many people still struggle to pick the perfect team for both competitive and casual play. When it comes to the best grass type pokemon, it is a hard decision, given all the types you can choose from. Legendary and starter Pokemon aside, you want the best for your team. The idea behind grass type isn’t always raw power. Sometimes it is a debilitating and long game. While we would love to give Bulbasaur the number 1 spot, we will not be listing any starters or legendary Pokemon on this list.

Our List of The Best Grass Type Pokemon

1. Leafeon

The Best Grass Type Pokemon - Leafeon


Considered one of the best eeveelutions, this is a pure grass type with a wide move set and a strong attack. While it has a few weaknesses, it can take on many strengths and overpower the opponent with grace and aggression.

2. Abomasnow

The Best Grass Type Pokemon - Abomasnow


Being a combination of Ice and Grass type Pokemon, this special sweeper owns the battlefield in many circumstances. Though it has an intense weakness to fire, it has a good field of coverage and stands up over other grass types as a victor. The typing is a bit strange, but nonetheless, definitely a number 2 spot for this cuddly, cold, snowy tree.

3. Alolan Exeggutor



The Best Grass Type Pokemon - Alolan Exeggutor


This typing was a shocker for those who discovered it in the Alolan games. Dragon/Grass, this Pokemon still holds one of the top spots though there is speculation in its usefulness in the game.

Ice types tear through this Pokemon, but it is still a tank.

4. Exeggutor

The Best Grass Type Pokemon - Exeggutor


This Psychic/Grass-type is evolved from execute using a leaf stone. In Gen I, when it was introduced, it was a powerhouse with a strong special attack and defense. However, it suffered a nerf but still remains one of the best grass type Pokemon on this list.

5. Cacturne

The Best Grass Type Pokemon - Cacturne


Grass/Dark typing, this Pokemon absolutely tears through the competition. Requiring you to breed and evolve in the right way for the proper abilities, this Pokemon can overpower psychic typed and water type like they are nothing. Just avoid open flames and punches.

6. Parasect

The Best Grass Type Pokemon - Parasect


This is a strong typing combo of Grass and Bug. This doesn’t eliminate any weaknesses, but it does give it the edge over psychic Pokemon with its strong attack and leech life attack. Introduced in Gen I, you can easily build a team with this overpowered plant. Well, plant/insect.

7. Breloom

The Best Grass Type Pokemon - Breloom


Introduced in Gen III, this Grass/Fighting-type is a powerhouse that became a staple on many casual teams. You can debilitate your enemy and devastate them with raw power. While it has many weaknesses, smart play with this Pokemon will make it come out on top usually.

8. Gogoat

The Best Grass Type Pokemon - Gogoat


This is a Grass Pokemon. Many call it the GoGOAT as it is insanely powerful for casual play and is a staple in any team wanting to rock the grass type challenge. Introduced in Gen VI, it evolves from Skiddo. While the names aren’t very clever, the devs did put great thought into making this one of the best grass type pokemon available.

9. Roserade

The Best Grass Type Pokemon - Roserade


Another Grass/Poison typing. Roserade is best known for its speed and special defense. Gen IV, this Pokemon has an amazing learn set with even better TM Learning. You can easily make plays with Roserade in competitive and casual play.

If you have a Ninetails with the Drought ability, you can teach Roserade Weather Ball and Solar Beam to be the master of the field. Put your opponent to sleep and go to town. The real special about this Pokemon is it’s ability Natural Cure.

10. Victreebel

The Best Grass Type Pokemon - Victreebel


This grass type is underrated by the community. Grass/Poison type, this Pokemon is versatile in both raw power with moves like razor leaf, or for a slow burn with moves like poison powder or sludge bomb. It makes an appearance in the television show was most common with Team Rocket’s James. He was constantly forcefully loved on by this not so cute Pokemon.

While these are only speculation and our opinion of the best grass type pokemon, the list would be different if we included many of the starters and legendary Pokemon. If you are looking for the best grass type Pokemon that is included in a starter, we would suggest Bulbasaur. It has strong evolutions and versatile move set. Otherwise, get an Eevee and a leaf stone.

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