The Best Grass Type Pokemon (Gen 1+)

While Pokemon has been around for decades, many people still struggle to pick the perfect team for both competitive and casual play. When it comes to the best grass type Pokemon, it is a hard decision, given all the types you can choose from. The idea behind grass type isn’t always raw power. Sometimes it is a debilitating and long game.


Our List of The Top 30 Best Grass Type Pokemon


11. Sceptile

  • Dex: #254
  • Type: Grass
  • Abilities: Overgrow, Unburden
  • Species: Forest Pokemon

This is the fully evolved form of the generation 3 grass starter, Treecko. Though it was introduced in gen 3, its relevance goes further than that. It comes with a Mega Evolution in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. While it has powerful stats without mega evolving, as a mega evolved Pokemon, it excels in competitive and in gameplay.


22. Venusaur

  • Dex: #003
  • Type: Grass, Poison
  • Abilities: Overgrow, Chlorophyll
  • Species: Seed Pokemon

This Pokemon is an absolute beast. It can be played in any format, and depending on your nature, you have many options of playstyle. The favored style of Venusaur is a defensive stance with Sleep/Poison Powder, combined with leech seed. Other good combos are Sunny Day and Solar Beam. This is the fully evolved form of one of the best starters in the game, Bulbasaur.


33. Torterra

  • Dex: #389
  • Type: Grass, Ground
  • Abilities: Overgrow, Shell Armor
  • Species: Continent Pokemon

For a grass type Pokemon that covers a wide field of types, while providing substantial defense, then maybe Torterra is ideal for you. It is a ground type paired with grass. You can get this Pokemon by evolving the starter from generation 4, Turtwig. Its total base stats are 525, which is average for starter Pokemon. Just because the stats are average, doesn’t mean this is an average Pokemon. It will surprise you with its learnset.


44. Leafeon

  • Dex: #470
  • Type: Grass
  • Abilities: Leaf Guard, Chlorophyll
  • Species: Verdant Pokemon

Considered one of the best Eeveelutions, this is a pure grass type with a wide move set and a strong attack. While it has a few weaknesses, it can take on many strengths and overpower the opponent with grace and aggression.


55. Bulbasaur

  • Dex: #001
  • Type: Grass, Poison
  • Abilities: Overgrow, Chlorophyll
  • Species: Seed Pokemon

This is the true starter grass Pokemon. It is number 1 in the Pokedex and in the hearts of many trainers. Why do we love Bulbasaur so much? Because it is a tough cookie in battle. It isn’t just defensively strong, it can be trained to be offensively powerful. However, like its evolved forms, it excels in the long game by debilitating its opponents and sapping the life from them slowly with leech seed.


66. Treecko

  • Dex: #252
  • Type: Grass
  • Abilities: Overgrown, Unburden
  • Species: Wood Gecko Pokemon

We mentioned Sceptile already, but Treecko is worth mentioning too. In gen 3, this starter Pokemon actually provides you the edge in the game against several different trainers and gym leaders. It can learn some helpful moves, and its stats are well balanced and ready for speed, power, with a little defense. This is a common choice for trainers who need a solid grass type Pokemon that won’t let them down in a pinch.


77. Breloom

  • Dex: #286
  • Type: Grass, Fighting
  • Abilities: Effect Spore, Poison Heal, Technician
  • Species: Mushroom Pokemon

Introduced in Gen III, this Grass/Fighting-type is a powerhouse that became a staple on many casual teams. You can debilitate your enemy and devastate them with raw power. While it has many weaknesses, smart play with this Pokemon will make it come out on top usually.


88. Serperior

  • Dex: #497
  • Type: Grass
  • Abilities: Overgrow, Contrary
  • Species: Regal Pokemon

While it may not have the arms and legs of its pre-evolved forms, Serperior is still able to move and overpower its foes on the battlefield. This is the fully evolved form of the Gen 5 grass starter, Snivy. Serperior relies on its high defense, special defense, and, most importantly, its speed to overcome its opponents on the battlefield. This Pokemon is ideal for both competitive and in gameplay.


99. Vileplume

  • Dex: #045
  • Type: Grass, Poison
  • Abilities: Chlorophyll, Effect Spore
  • Species: Flower Pokemon

This is a gen 1 Pokemon with a unique scent that can cause terrible status effects, or lure in Pokemon in the wild. Why does it make this list? While in the early generations, it is not a favored grass type, later generations give this Pokemon a learnset that can cause it to come out the victor on many encounters. You will find this Pokemon excels during in-game play.


1010. Victreebel

  • Dex: #071
  • Type: Grass, Poison
  • Abilities: Chlorophyll, Glutony
  • Species: Flycatcher Pokemon

This grass type is underrated by the community. Grass/Poison type, this Pokemon is versatile in both raw power with moves like razor leaf, or for a slow burn with moves like poison powder or sludge bomb. It makes an appearance in the television show was most common with Team Rocket’s James. He was constantly forcefully loved on by this not so cute Pokemon.