While you are building your Pokemon team, you know that fire types are necessary to overcome many adversaries. While this list will contain our opinion of the best fire type pokemon, you will not see Charizard on this list. We are going to avoid the legendary Pokemon as well as the starters. We will cover what we believe is the best fire type pokemon. There is no generation restriction, just pure bias, and speculation. However, all the Pokemon listed are by far fan favorites with amazing stats that can cover a wide type variety and make the competition really feel the burn.

Our List of The Best Fire Type Pokemon

1. Salazzle

The Best Fire Type Pokemon - Salazzle

This is by far one of the best combos in the game (Opinion, not fact). Poison/Fire absolutely owns the competition with debilitating attacks and strong stats. Poison’s major issue is overcoming steel type; with this Pokemon, you can just turn up the heat and melt right through them. Its decent move set allows it to defeat many Pokemon, type advantages aside. I still wouldn’t take it for a swim though.


2. Arcanine

The Best Fire Type Pokemon - Arcanine

Though the Pokedex refers to this fire type as a legendary, it isn’t officially one at all. Amazing speed, awesome special attack, and moves like Extreme Speed and Fire Blast make this powerhouse overcome the odds in many fights.

3. Magmar

The Best Fire Type Pokemon - Magmar

While Magmortar is not on this list, it’s pre-evolution is. Magmar is an absolute powerhouse. Armed with a Fire Punch, it can burn through opponents left and right. In the anime, it was Blaine’s (Gym Leader of Fire Types) secret weapon. In Gen II, he was a staple on many teams with its amazing stats and learn-set.


4. Heatran

The Best Fire Type Pokemon - Heatran

This is a forgotten Pokemon, even unknown by many. However, being a Fire/Steel typing, it really shouldn’t be overlooked. In competitive play, it doesn’t always hold a flame to others. However, in casual play, this tank’s stats and typing give it a wide field of coverage and ability to take a hit.


5. Talonflame

The Best Fire Type Pokemon -Talonflame

This bird is a flying/fire type combo. What makes it strong is its speed. In the anime, it looks like a pure beast as it stands feather to feather with legendary birds. Learning moves such as Flame Charge and Fire Blast, it can melt through the ice and singe down grass types with ease.

Many have speculated that this deadly Pokemon can even be stronger than a couple of the starter types who have taken the reigns as the best of all. It does have a type advantage over the many many fire/fighting types that exist.

6. Chandelure

The Best Fire Type Pokemon - Chandelure

This Fire/Ghost-type Pokemon may have several weaknesses, but it makes up for its weaknesses with pure power. Avoiding rock, ground, ghost, water, and dark type attacks are recommended.

7. Turtonator

The Best Fire Type Pokemon - Turtonator

The only reason this fire/dragon type makes this list is that it is one of the few dragons that don’t quickly fall to Fairy typed Pokemon. The fire typing gives it an edge against the fairy type. Also, it just looks cool. Good for double battles as it is a brick house and can take heavy hits without being critted thanks to Shell Armor.

8. Centiskorch

The Best Fire Type Pokemon - Centiskorch

This unusual typing, Bug/Fire,  actually leads to a strong Pokemon. Only needing to avoid three types of attacks, it has an amazing moveset and can be put on virtually any team and have relevance. You can also get the ability Flame Body, which is useful if you intend to do a lot of breeding.

9. Mega Camerupt

The Best Fire Type Pokemon - Mega Camerupt

Based on pure stats, this is by far one of the best Pokemon you can obtain outside of starters and legendaries. Being able to take a hit, as well as dish one out, this powerhouse is perfect for hard-hitting teams. Not a fan of including Mega evolutions but it had to be done.

10. Volcarona

The Best Fire Type Pokemon - Volcarona

Another fire/bug typing. With a couple of quiver dance, you can spectate pure destruction with this moth-like Pokemon. Only weak to a few attacks, it is easy to develop a strategy with this Pokemon on your team.


While all of these Pokemon made this list out of pure opinion, they are undoubtedly strong in their fields. You can count on them, turning up the heat in any battle and showing the enemy who is boss. Now the reason we leave out legendary and starters are because they have higher stats and advantages than the harder to catch counterparts.

What do you think? Who do you think is the best fire type Pokemon, and which ones didn’t make the list that you would have loved to see?

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