Most Common Pokemon Go Mistakes

Since the release of Pokemon GO, players have on a journey. This journey allows them to fulfill their dreams of being Pokemon trainers in real life. However, the game requires a bit of logic and common sense to progress further faster.

In this article, we discuss some common Pokemon Go mistakes players make. These mistakes could be fixed to increase rewards and your experience.

Feel free to comment what you think after you read this article and share it with your friends to help them do better for their experience and your team. We would also like to state that we are aware that every player has their own way of playing the game, and we do not wish to insinuate that there is a wrong way to play the game.

Early Evolution

It is an exciting feeling to evolve a Pokemon that took you hours if not days or weeks to collect the candy for. However, there is a way to get more experience from an evolution than what many players are getting.

By saving up the Pokemon you can evolve until a significant number is reached, then using a lucky egg, you are able to rack in the experience in great amounts.

Temporary Lures

Lures don’t last long, leaving some trainers stationary at a single PokéStop for 30 minutes or greater, catching more Pokemon than their Pokéballs can keep up with.

The ideal way of utilizing lures is to find an area that has a population of Pokemon you are seeking. Additionally, the area should have plenty of PokéStops.

Pop up lures while walking in between these stops to catch the rare and uncommon Pokemon your needing. This is also helpful with distance counts on Pokemon eggs.

Premature Leveling

Many trainers seek to make their favorite Pokemon stronger, saving up candies and stardust in order to level them up to their fullest potential. However, leveling up a Pokemon before it evolves can hurt you more than help.

By waiting you get more experience, and you get a slight attack boost for the Pokemon by leveling at full evolution.

Catch ’em All

Seriously, catch everything you come across when playing. We know you get tired of seeing Rattatas and Pidgeys, however, you never know when a ditto is near. Also, the stardust builds up, which is needed for leveling up your favorite Pokemon.

You never know when you will catch the strongest version of Pokemon with potential. You are never done farming common Pokemon.

Final Thoughts

We hope these common mistakes help you learn to play at a greater pace. Not everyone makes these mistakes and not every mistake is bad. With different players having a different commitment level, you may not find these tips to be in your best interest if you are a super casual player.

Do you know of any other common mistakes? Share them in the comments below.