Pokemon Fan Theories Part 4

This is the fourth part of the Pokemon Fan Theories series. This concludes the fan theories we’ve discovered in our research. If you know of theories we’ve missed, let us know – we would love to keep the series going! If you haven’t read the others, check them out:

We did not come up with these fan theories. All credit should go to the original brains that thought them up.

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Digimon Are Actually Corrupted Pokémon

Okay, this theory is more than just Pokémon. It is Pokémon related though. A Reddit user, Reethk Vaszune, came up with this theory explaining that ‘when Pokémon are placed into a pc, they are considered data files.’

This would mean on occasion; these files get corrupted and are lost to the trainer. But where would they go? Maybe the corrupted files are transferred to the database of another universe and become Digimon as they undergo a process to self-repair themselves. Or maybe Digimon is just the bastardization of Pokémon.

Pokémon GO Players are Actually Villains

This is a shorter theory, which pretty much states that the Pokémon we turn into candies are actually ground up by Willow. Players are playing the antagonists, catching all the Pokémon they can to send back to headquarters. With some colorful art and memes depicting this from many users and fans, it seems logical in theory.

Ash’s Pikachu had a Previous Trainer

Ever look back and wonder why all the starter Pokémon were obedient, yet Pikachu was unruly in the beginning? What if the reason is because it already had a trainer prior to Ash? Pikachu has a rarely seen special Pokéball that shows someone took care in catching him.

The fact that Pikachu doesn’t stay in the Pokéball states that he is used to being free of it. His disrespect towards Ash shows that his loyalty lied elsewhere. Additionally, the theory states that maybe it was a personal Pokémon of Prof. Oak. Similarly, others state that the original owner passed away and that is why Pikachu is so resilient in the beginning with Ash.

Ageless Ash and Ho-Oh

Another theory of Ash’s agelessness. The theory states that Ho-Oh grants eternal happiness to those it reveals itself to. In the beginning, Ash was blessed to see Ho-Oh flying overhead, granting him eternal happiness. So, what is his personal idea of eternal happiness? Staying a young trainer forever.

There you have it, 4 of the weirdest Pokémon fan theories simply stated and explained. Like we mentioned, let us know in the comments what you think.

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