With there being over 700 Pokémon, you can only imagine the lore and back stories that they all may hold. Well, within the Pokémon games, you are given the ability to learn a bit of their natures through the Pokédex. Some of them reveal that they are sweet in nature, but have very sad stories like Cubone. Others are revealed to be able to completely take over the world with their psychic powers, like Mewtwo. However, this doesn’t exactly scream scary Pokémon.

Within this article are the 10 scariest Pokémon (in our opinion) within the Pokémon world. They are scary by their nature or their abilities. What qualifies these Pokémon to make this list? We will explain and let you be the judge on whether this list is correct. Enjoy our top 10 list of scary Pokémon.

#10 Yamask

Yamask is a cute little Pokémon that holds a mask for the entirety of its lifespan. By mask, we really mean a human face. That’s right, Yamask’s mask is actually their face from when they were human. Not only is this scary for the fact that humans can be reborn as Pokémon, but this Pokémon will literally carry its own face around and cry while looking at it. Creepy

#9 Kadabra

Again, another Pokémon that was once human. However, it is worse than Yamask’s situation because of the way that the human becomes the Pokémon. It is said that someone with strong psychic powers went to sleep, only to wake up as a Kadabra the next morning. That being said, Abras are basically deformed children with psychic abilities.

#8 Honedge

Though this Pokémon looks like a bad attempt of clinging to a child’s favorite series in hopes of keeping it going, the lore written about Honedge is actually quite scary. The Pokédex reads that if anyone attempts to grab its hilt, a blue-ribbon wrap around their arm and Honedge drains the life from them. That’s one sword you’d leave in the stone.

#7 Drowzee

We couldn’t make a scary Pokémon list without including this creepy psychic type that belongs on creepypasta. Drowzee lives off eating dreams, particularly the dreams of children, because they taste better (that is what the Pokédex says). The Pokémon games Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire’s Pokédex entry states, if you have an itchy nose while sleeping, this is surely a sign that a Drowzee is right above your pillow, attempting to consume your dreams, via your nostrils! Have fun sleeping tonight.

#6 Cacturne

This one is more stalker creepy than scary. Cacturne is a Pokémon that travels the desert in packs. When someone is wandering the desert, they will stalk them until the person becomes unable to continue on. The Pokédex doesn’t go into detail about what happens, but we’re sure they don’t plan on making them cookies.

#5 Dusclops

According to the Pokédex entry from Omega Ruby, Dusclops has a hollow body, with nothing inside it. Some have said it’s similar to a black hole, it absorbs and never returns things. Other entries state that it will put its victims to sleep before absorbing them. At least you won’t be awake for your demise.

#4 Haunter

According to the Crystal Pokédex entry, Haunters hide within the dark, waiting and planning to steal life from the next living thing to wonder by. Another ghost Pokémon that has the ability to devour its prey with ease. Some believe that the Gastly Pokémon line is actually the ghost of other humans who envy the living.

#3 Yveltal

An entry in the Pokémon Y Pokédex says: Once life comes to an end, the life energy is absorbed, turning living things into a cocoon again. This legendary Pokémon is almost immortal, as it consumes the life energy of everything around it to prevent death. You couldn’t even train this Pokémon, if an accident would happen you would die before it did. We suppose guess that  s one way to win a battle though.

#2 Gourgeist

Though we are past the time of year for pumpkin spice, this spicy little pumpkin Pokémon has deviant schemes for capturing its next meal. Prey gets enwrapped in hair-like arms as it observes the suffering of prey while singing joyfully, according to Pokémon Y Pokédex entry. We suppose guess no one ever told it not to play with its food.

#1 Phantump

This Pokémon made number one due to its Pokédex entry and lore alone. Apparently, the Pokémon is the ghost of a child lost in the woods that has possessed a tree stump. In the anime the Pokémon is childlike in nature and it is an adorable Pokémon. However, the most horrific fact about this Pokémon is that it isn’t legendary. It is very common, and abundant. Meaning that there are a lot of children who got lost and died in the woods. Not to mention, every time you beat one in battle you are really beating the spirit of a lost child.

We hope that you enjoyed this list of our scariest Pokémon. Some of them make you happy you don’t live in the Pokémon world, because let’s face it, the Pokémon world seems intense. To be surrounded by the creatures with massive abilities, and to try and control them forcing them to fight each other. With lore’s like this, why would you want to keep them around. What if they revolt? *Shivers* Did we not mention a Pokémon you felt should have been on this list? Let us know what you think in the comments section, and as always thanks for reading.