Throughout the Pokémon world, you meet beautiful, scary, cute, cool, and awesome legendary Pokémon. However, have you ever given much thought to their existence? Some of these sweet Pokémon we play with aren’t that sweet, or are very sad. Some may be miserable inside and we force them to fight for our enjoyment. There are other Pokémon that may have secret motives, or are just incredibly different from what we would imagine. Well, we decided to go deeper into this, and compiled a list of 5 sweet Pokémon that have deceived you in one way or another. These are based on our opinions from our research, and by all means feel free to let us know Pokémon you felt could have made the list but didn’t.

5. Spoink:

Spoink is a little piggy on a spring. Bouncing constantly, it’s cuteness is almost overwhelming. However, this Pokémon is probably not as happy as you think, despite the bouncing. If Spoink is to stop bouncing, it will die. This little bugger is literally bouncing for its life. What happens when this Pokémon gets knocked out in battle?

4. Togepi:

This Pokémon was an unspoken mascot for a lot of the first anime and some of the other episodes that followed. This super cute Pokémon looks like it only came out of its shell partially, unable to defend itself. Well, it’s metronome can cause it to do all sorts of attacks to ward off would be predators. So, don’t count it out just because it’s freshly hatched.

3. Dratini:

This Pokémon makes the list, not because it is mystically rare, but because it had us deceived from the get go. Seeing this Pokémon in the anime, and on the Pokémon games, you think it is a cute little thing inching its way to a dragon assault like evolutionary chain. However, it isn’t so little. It averages 6 feet in length. That was surprisingly big for the way it is presented.

2. Teddiursa:

This sweet little Pokémon will warm up to you, let you get close, then take from you all it can. This Pokémon is a mischievous little bugger, it’s cute appearances leading the passerby to believe that it is harmless. However, it also evolves into a very big, very angry bear.

1. Inkay:

This adorable Pokémon became one of the key players in Team Rocket’s arsenal. Shown being sweet to Jessie and James, it is actually quite dangerous. It’s Pokédex entry talks about how it mesmerizes prey with its lights, so it can wrap them with tentacles. Not to mention, it evolves into a Pokémon that can literally take over the mind of humans and Pokémon alike. This sweet little thing could single-handedly take over the world.

That wraps up our 5 deceivingly sweet Pokémon list. We hope that you have enjoyed it, and if you feel that you didn’t see a Pokémon you wanted, leave us a comment below with why they should have made the list. As always, thanks for reading.