The Pokémon franchise is a huge entity that has become the creators of fun for people of all ages. From the manga to the games, they have done more than create one of the largest trends across the world, they have created a brand that is known by everyone. However, it is easy to forget one of the larger aspects of Pokémon, the official Pokémon Trading Card game.

Almost as old as the animated series, Pokémon trading cards have been in circulation for decades. With each passing set, a number of rare cards slip into that circulation and are sought after by collectors and players alike. These rare Pokémon cards are usually very pricey and always unique. Some become rare due to the artist or art style, others because of misprints or spelling errors. The smallest detail can add or lessen value of any card. What we plan to focus on here are the, in our opinion, the rarest of these cards that don’t necessarily signify the cash value.

1. Pokémon Snap Cards

Very few people remember the passing craze of Pokémon snap. It was a fun side game of the Pokémon franchise that allowed you to travel, trying to get the best picture of the first 151 Pokémon available at the time. However, judges decided on the best submitted captures and printed a limited number of cards featuring the snaps. These cards are rare to come across and worth a pretty penny to collectors.

2. Raichu Pre-release

Only with 20 of these rare Pokémon cards in circulation now, this pre-release Raichu is valuable due to a stamping error. It was originally supposed to exist. Kind of, they were not meant to be printed with the ‘Pre-release’ stamp.

3. Pokémon Shining Cards

These rare Pokémon cards in the Pokémon trading card game were first introduced in the series Neo Revelation. They held the ability to use multiple energy type attacks that were powerful. So powerful in fact, that special rules were set in place to limit their usage. Their rarity is pretty high making them hard to get.

4. Charizard 1st Edition

This card had to be on a list for rare Pokémon cards. Being one of the most sought-after cards in the Pokémon trading card game. Since its print, it was instantly valuable. The cost of one of these rare Pokémon cards ranged from a few hundred to a few thousand depending on certain factors.

5. Pikachu Illustrator Card

This rare Pokémon card has the same rarity as an academy Magikarp in the video game. There are only 5 of these cards in circulation and they were only printed in Japanese. Featuring the face of the franchise, this card was given away in a contest for illustration art. Where the word ‘Trainer’ would be found, instead sits the word ‘Illustrator’.

These are only 5 of the many rare Pokémon cards in circulation. Different aspects make different cards rare, and these cards definitely fit the bill of some of the rarest ever to be printed. Makes you look back at your old collection of Pokémon cards, doesn’t it? You know, those cards that you would trade for fun? If you had any of these cards, you’re probably kicking yourself for trading them off. Especially if it is one that is now worth more money than what you earn in a week. There’s even been Pokémon trading cards that have sold for more than some can buy a home.

What rare Pokémon cards did you own? Do you think the market for the Pokémon trading card game is dead now? Let us know and as always thanks for reading.