Curious about some of the most forgettable Pokémon currently out there? Many people who either play Pokémon, or watched the animated series through to the current season, know that the amount of Pokémon is constantly growing. So, it is natural to let a few slip our mind from time to time. However, there are some Pokémon that were instantly forgettable in both the game and the series.

Thankfully there are a few videos on YouTube that kind of cover this subject. Watching these videos as a reference point can help remind us of those forgotten Pokémon. However, before we forget, let’s hurry up and remind you of the top 7 most forgettable Pokémon.

1. Mantine

Most Forgettable Pokemon - Mantine

Mantine is a generation 2 Pokémon that closely resembles a manta ray. Quickly forgettable, it only made 6 appearances across the series and movies. In trying to give the Pokéfans a chance to hang on to the thought of Mantine, a pre-evolution form (Mantyke) were introduced. Although, it too quickly became forgotten.

2. Beheeyem

Most Forgettable Pokemon - Beheeyem

Generation 5’s Beheeyem is a very commonly forgotten Pokémon. In games, the stats are depressing and encourages trainers to pick a different Pokémon. Only a handful of appearances occurred in the series. Even with a main role in a movie, this Pokémon has still managed to be forgotten along with its pre-evolution Elgyem.

3. Mothim

Most Forgettable Pokemon - Mothim

Of all the moths, butterflies, and insect related Pokémon, Mothim hits number 5. This Generation 4 moth like Pokémon, actually evolves from a Pokémon that many people use and enjoy. Wormadam. It only had a handful of major roles in the series. Surprisingly, it only had 5 minor roles, making this one a generic Pokémon that we just had to remind you of.

4. Finneon

Most Forgettable Pokemon - Finneon

There are plenty of fish-type Pokémon in the sea, most of them Magikarp. Well, while Magikarp has becoming the face of the water, Finneon has a face easy to forget. Generation 4’s Finneon is also a very genetic Pokémon that looks like a real species of fish you’d find in tropical waters. It does evolve, but we can’t remember what it evolves into.

5. Heatmor

.Most Forgettable Pokemon - Heatmor

A flaming ant-eater with a low stat average and no evolutionary chain, Heatmor is featured in almost any forgotten Pokémon list. Much like our number 1 choice, it has become so known to be forgotten that people are starting to remember him. This gen 5 Pokémon is out shined by its rival Durant, in both battle and memorial existence.

6. Unfezant

Most Forgettable Pokemon - Unfezant

Resembling a game bird, this gen 5 Pokémon is hands down the worst of the early flying type Pokémon of all generations. Even more so is the Male version of this Pokémon, just because it isn’t as colorful as the female version that many people sought to catch just to be disappointed and forgetting it was in their PC.

7. Maractus

Most Forgettable Pokemon - Maractus

The way this is looking, is that Generation 5 had some bad luck with memorable Pokémon. One of the said Pokémon being our number 1, Maractus. Though kind of cute, emphasis on kind of. Maractus resembles a desert cactus with two flowers adorned on its head. As stated before, this Pokémon has become known as the most forgettable Pokémon across many trainers and YouTubers, so much so that it is probably going to be removed from this list and replaced.

8. Seel – A Cute, but Forgettable Pokémon

Most Forgettable Pokemon - Seel

As one of the original Gen 1 Pokémon, Seel is often forgotten about these days. But, back in the day it was a hard Pokémon to forget, very common and often spotted at the Cerulean Gym owned by Misty.

Seel, one of the most forgettable Pokémon, has a thick hide with white fur and a blue tint. It’s actually rather cute, but you’ll only spot them in the cold regions!

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9. Burmy

Most Forgettable Pokemon - Burmy

This Gen 4 evolution is dependent on the gender, where males become Mothim, and females turn into Wormadam (another forgotten Pokémon). The last battle location determines it’s cloak, and it can change between Sandy, Plant, or Trash clocks.

10. Bruxish

Most Forgettable Pokemon - Bruxish

Bruxish is a very colorful fish, with some serious teeth, but still one of the most forgotten Pokémon out there. The fact it has no known evolution could have a part in this. It emits low psychic powers as it lays under the seafloor, helping it to detect pray like Mareanie and Shellder. Additionally, it’s the only Pokémon known to learn Psychic Fangs as it levels up.

There you have it, our Top 10 list of the most forgettable Pokémon in the series and games. We hope you enjoyed it.

Although we normally encourage reader interaction, it would be hard to invite you to tell us your most forgettable Pokémon. Mainly because you probably don’t remember them, but if you do, let us know below. As always, thank you for reading!