What is the fate of Pokémon games for 3DS? Since 1996, millions of people around the world have dedicated time, energy, and in some cases life, to catching and raising the perfect Pokémon team. Pokémon Red and Blue being the beginning of an epic adventure that explores different regions, allowing you to catch hundreds of different Pokémon, no one ever thought about every beginning having an end. Pokémon Games have become so popular that even adults who have never read the manga or watched the animated series find themselves battling gym leaders to face the élite four.

The Future of Pokémon Games for 3DS

However, Game Freak Director, Shigeru Ohmori stated to IGN in an interview that they were forcing themselves to push the beloved 3DS system capabilities to cater to Pokémon X and Y, and that they managed to push even further with Pokémon Sun and Moon. Now that Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is released, Ohmori feels that there is no way to push the 3DS system any further, forcing them to call an end to new Pokémon games for the 3DS. Many still hope for remakes of red and blue, even yellow and other older games on the Nintendo 3DS though.

New Beginnings

Released on November 17th, 2017, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have taken the heights of 3DS gaming, and built a sky scrapper on it. Ohmori explains that Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is the ‘ Culmination of their work on the Nintendo 3DS’. Meanwhile, emphasizing that they ‘Tried to push the system to its absolute limits’. H feels that they have found the maximum of what they can get out of the 3DS. It looks like Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is the end to the saga of Pokémon games for the 3DS. There has been hints and suggestions towards other platforms though.

With Pokémon being such a common household name, people are finding it hard to believe that the 3DS games are coming to their end only 21 years after the first game was released. Some people even state that the Pokémon games and Game Freak is directly responsible for the rise of the system. Which isn’t entirely false, around 70% of people who own a 3DS, own one or many different Pokémon games.

How do you think 3DS sales will be affected by the end of the Pokémon games to their system? Also, what was your favorite Pokémon game for 3DS? Please let us know and we will be bringing more information about future platforms for Pokémon trainers to continue to catch’em all. Thank you for reading.