It is no big secret anymore that, with the release of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the 3DS has seen its last release of new generation Pokémon. This has caused mixed emotions for many die-hard Pokémon fans, but the emotions Nintendo has about this are far from bad. It is more than a rumor that Ishihara has made announcements of a possible core Pokémon RPG (Role Playing Game) to be released on the switch. This has sparked the joy and excitement many of us felt as a kid picking up Pokémon Red and Blue for the first time with our parents in stores.

The rumors surrounding this game is that it could be an open world RPG that gives the player a true Pokémon trainer experience through more qualified hardware that is more suitable for what Game Freak has in mind. There has even been added rumors of this game to have a teaser displayed during E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). None of that is fully supported or commented on as of yet, however.

Possible Nintendo Switch Release Date?

That is the funny thing. The release date hasn’t been revealed. However, Nintendo’s report and update schedule does mention a Pokémon game for the Nintendo Switch in 2018. Honestly, the game still sits under TBA (To Be Announced) status. That being said, the idea of a new Pokémon game for the Nintendo Switch to be released in 2018 isn’t so far-fetched.

It has been stated on several different games in the franchise that they had pushed the 3DS system to its absolute limits to bring us X, Y, Sun, Moon, and now Ultra Sun and Moon. With this information in hand, it is only logical that the team would have worked on other projects and ideas on the side lines of these games.

Gameplay on Nintendo Switch

Rumors surround what the released game on Nintendo Switch would actually be like. Many are hoping for another generation of Pokémon and unique story line with more interactive game play. However, rumors also suggest that maybe a reboot of Pokémon Red with a full makeover will be the launching point for the Nintendo Switch’s Pokémon Saga.

One thing has been announced as fact, Pokémon will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, and we can almost guarantee that Switches will be flying off the shelves like aggravated Beedrills. Now the question you need to ask yourself is, are you ready to catch’em all on a new platform?

Making the Switch

Would we suggest buying a switch before a release? Of course! Even if the release of the next Pokémon game isn’t going to be in 2018, the Nintendo Switch offers an amazing variety of visually spectacular games full of hours of fun. The system itself is a must have due to its increased graphics and gaming capabilities over the 3DS consoles. Some believe it is the next natural competitor to the Xbox and PlayStation systems.

What are your thoughts on Pokémon coming to the Nintendo Switch? Do you plan on buying a Switch to play the future games that they release? Let us know, and thank you for reading!