Tips For Finding Pokemon GO Plus

There is an uproar in the more than half a billion Pokémon Go fans and acolytes, apparently hunting around the world for the usual creatures and monsters is not enough anymore for these hungry, dedicated players and they are after something big and exciting.


Yesterday morning the Pokémon GO Plus wearable accessory for Pokémon Go players to use has been released in the United States and it has created a wave of excitement, the problem is that people are not too sure yet how they can get it, or but it.


As of now, there is a bunch of information about it that remains a mystery for many, but it is supposed to allow players to get access to parts of the game without using their phones. Not many people have discovered which retail stores will be selling it and the only information you can get from the Pokémon Go site is how the Pokémon GO Plus works and what it does.


Nintendo said on Twitter that the device is available, but they are not responding to questions or inquiries on where it is or how to get it.


There is a lot of confusion with regards to this accessory because Niantic sent players asking Nintendo questions, but Nintendo is not saying anything at all while the Pokémon Company says that they are investigating and looking into things. So either nobody knows what is going on or they are all building expectations for a phenomenal release.


There was a line around the block at the NYC Nintendo World Store where people waited and hopes that they could buy a Plus from their short and limited stock. The Nintendo store had placed a one per person limit, but they did not say how many they had available for sale. This led to people standing in line, hoping for the best.


We have information that Game Stop also had the device on stock in some of their stores, someone in their NYC store said that they had plenty of Pokémon Go Plus in stock and that an hour before the store opened there were no lines or people waiting outside.


If you go on the Game Stop website you can have one reserved for you there, but we have been unable to find out if there is a store that has it near us, so we cannot confirm this. So it is possible that they are available in specific stores and areas and you will have to do some traveling to get it.


People who use Apple Watches to play will have to wait for an update on the possibility of being able to use the Plus on their watches. They will just have to wait and hope that it is available soon.


If you have been on the lookout for this new precious gem in your area, please drop us a line so we can spread the word to all those who are desperately hunting for this new and rare plastic marvel.