When Asking Parents to Name Your Pokemon

With the Pokémon GO craze, there have been some strange sightings. But, we think some of the best natural occurrences happen when asking parents to name Pokémon. The following are examples of how this can turn out, some are playful, others seem to have a deeper meaning and possibly that the parents are ready for their kid to move out the basement.

1. Dying Fish

When your parents get of winning you the goldfish at the fair because this is how they look the next morning.

Dying Fish

2. Scary Pig

Well, we suppose if we ever met a smiling pig with a long pointed tail we would be a bit scared too, I mean, a slow scorpion pig would scare anyone, right?

Scary Pig

3. Noodles

What type of noodles does this family eat? Perhaps mom can’t cook and no one is brave enough to let her know noodles aren’t tangled up blue balls, ha!


4. Umbrella Frog

Actually, a pretty spot on nickname. Especially with Pokémon GO as this umbrella frog seems to hop out the Pokéball and run away rather often.

Umbrella Frog

5. Walrus

What type of walrus’ has this kids parents been seeing? Might be more scared of a canon strapped walrus than a slow scorpion pig or a frog with an umbrella…

Walrus - Blastoise

What do you think of the names these parents gave their children’s Pokémon? If you came up with some fun nicknames for your Pokémon, share them in the comments below.

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