Pokeball Wireless Recharging Ear Buds

If you are a vivid Pokemon GO player or just a big fan of Pokemon in general and love listening to music, then you need a pair of Noise Isolating Pokemon Earbuds!

Every true Pokemon Master needs a pair of Pokemon-themed earbuds, right? Well, now is your chance!

Comfort & Flexibility

We found these to be comfortable and easy to wear, but also very easy to carry as it came with a Poke Ball pouch. It allows for easy carrying when on the go.

If you or someone you know is always on the go, then you want something that you can easily carry with you. Sure, headphones are neat as well, but earbuds save more space. Seriously, have you ever tried to put headphones in your pocket? It’s not easy!

Talk & Play

We’re not sure about you, but we hate missing important phone calls or holding the phone to our ears when we are busy around the office…Yes, we often get sidetracked with what we’re doing thanks to modern technology, isn’t it great?

Anyways, these also come with a built in mic so you can answer any phone calls while playing Pokemon GO or listening to music, or anything else.

What’s Included

When ordering the Pokemon Noise Isolating Earbuds through ThinkGeek, you get:

  • Noise isolating earbuds
  • Silicone tips
  • Poke Ball carrying pouch


At $19.99, these noise isolating Pokemon earbuds are actually decently priced when compared to other earbuds of similar quality.  And, they are Pokemon so they’re collectables too!


Shipping may vary based on your location, but we’ve heard the average shipping cost is $6.95.


We really enjoy using our noise-isolating Pokemon earbuds both in and outside of the office. They work well, and we get to sport our love for Pokemon with the Poke Ball graphics, so that’s always a plus!