There has been another glitch found after the latest update of Pokemon GO, and this is a very large goof up on Niantic’s part. It allows Pokemon trainers to keep a gym forever, at least until Niantic figures out a fix.

So, what is the glitch?

Instead of trainers placing one of their best Pokemon into a gym, they place an egg in the gym instead. This allows them to keep the gym because other trainers cannot battle against an egg.

The video above shows the newest glitch in action. As you can see, it shows ‘Egg 0CP’. Then, when you go to attack, there’s nothing to attack with. Of course there’s not, you’re trying to destroy an egg…

There has been reports that people around New York have been using this glitch to take over and keep gyms. The user shatterkneesinc stated that swiping in order to challenge other Pokemon does not work either, as it causes the game to mess up after tapping it and the only fix known is to restart the app.

The issue

This glitch not only allows people to remain in a gym, but collect daily PokeCoins and Stardust from the Defender Bonus feature. It is considered a game-breaking Pokemon GO glitch, and if not fixed quickly could result in massive backlash from millions of players.

At this time, Niantic has not addressed the issue in particular, but they have been targeting cheaters. At this point, Niantic has already banned many players for in-game cheating, mostly from spoofing their GPS location and the use of bots for hatching their eggs without ever having to leave their home, which defeats the purpose of Pokemon GO. So, it is suggested that this glitch not be exploited to be safe from a permanent ban.

What are your thoughts on this glitch, do you think it will cause fallout? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.