Games Like Pokemon for PC - Top 10 Alternatives

In the gaming world, few franchises hold as much recognition and influence as Pokemon. Originally created by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori, it quickly became a cultural phenomenon, captivating the hearts of millions worldwide. And while Pokemon games remain as popular as ever, some fans might be on the hunt for other games that offer similar experiences on their PCs. That’s where we, at, come in.

Here at, we are committed to providing in-depth news, reviews, and guides to help you discover and navigate the world of Pokemon and similar franchises. Our Pokémon News section keeps you up-to-date with the latest happenings, while our Product Reviews offer detailed assessments of games and products that resonate with the Pokemon vibe. Furthermore, our Guides and Tips ensure you never miss a beat in your gaming journey. This article is part of that commitment, as we explore the top 10 PC games similar to Pokemon.

Temtem: An MMO Adventure 

Temtem, released by the Spanish developer Crema in 2020, is a game that fans of Pokemon will find incredibly engaging. This massively multiplayer online game borrows heavily from Pokemon, setting players off on a journey across six islands, capturing, training, and battling creatures known as Temtem. With a diverse range of species to catch, each with unique traits and an evolutionary line, Temtem promises endless hours of fun and strategy. The game also boasts exciting social features like player housing, co-op play, and competitive battles, enhancing the player’s experience beyond the single-player narrative. 

Nexomon: An Epic Monster Collecting Adventure 

Nexomon, developed by VEWO Interactive Inc, is another fantastic alternative to Pokemon for PC. This game transports players into a universe teeming with over 300 unique creatures to catch and train. Released in 2017, Nexomon has garnered a significant following due to its engaging storyline and gameplay mechanics reminiscent of Pokemon, all underpinned by appealing graphics. Embark on epic quests, engage in tactical battles, and bond with your Nexomon in an adventure that’s always unique to each player. 

Yokai Watch: Merging Myth and Gameplay 

Yokai Watch, a successful franchise launched by Level-5 in 2013, presents a unique blend of traditional gameplay elements and the rich folklore of Japan. The game centers around befriending and battling Yokai, spirits drawn from Japanese myths and legends. Its original lore, captivating characters, and an extensive library of Yokai to collect, make Yokai Watch a refreshing take on the creature-collection genre that any Pokemon fan will appreciate. 

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth: A Digital Odyssey 

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, developed by Media Vision and released in 2015, offers an immersive role-playing experience that plunges players into a cyber world filled with digital creatures, known as Digimon. The game offers a more complex take on the creature-collection genre, with deep, strategic gameplay. Players can train and command a roster of Digimon, utilizing their various skills and forms to solve digital world mysteries. With a mature narrative and visually stunning design, Cyber Sleuth offers a unique experience for those seeking games like Pokemon for PC. 

Siralim Ultimate: The Ultimate Creature Collecting RPG 

Siralim Ultimate, developed by the indie studio Thylacine Studios, is a monster-catching game that flawlessly blends RPG mechanics with creature-catching elements. Boasting limitless playability, with hundreds of unique creatures to catch and deep customization options for your character and kingdom, the game has earned rave reviews since its release in 2021. With an expansive amount of content, intricate mechanics, and a satisfying progression system, Siralim Ultimate is a dream for both Pokemon and RPG fans. 

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch: A Cinematic Adventure 

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is an action RPG that features a creature collection system evoking the essence of Pokemon. This cinematic adventure, released by Level-5 and Studio Ghibli in 2011, takes players on an emotional journey, capturing and training creatures known as familiars to assist in their quest. Its breathtaking art style and an emotionally-charged narrative captivate players from start to finish. 

Disc Creatures: A Nostalgic Trip 

Disc Creatures, developed by SAT-BOX and released in 2019, is a loving tribute to the classic era of monster-catching games, delivering a hefty dose of nostalgia to old-school Pokemon fans. In this game, players command Disc Creatures, digital beings that can be captured and controlled, in strategic, turn-based battles. Its charming pixel-art graphics, vast creature library, and complex battle system make Disc Creatures a throwback experience reminiscent of the golden age of creature-collecting RPGs. 

World of Final Fantasy: A Fantastic Blend 

World of Final Fantasy, released by Square Enix in 2016, beautifully merges the beloved Final Fantasy universe with creature capturing and training mechanics akin to Pokemon. Players journey through a world populated by chibi-style representations of familiar Final Fantasy characters and monsters, capturing creatures known as Mirages to assist in battles. With its charming art style, intricate storyline, and beloved gameplay mechanics, World of Final Fantasy is a must-play for fans of both franchises. 

Slime Rancher: A Slightly Different Ranching Experience 

Slime Rancher, developed by Monomi Park and released in 2017, provides a unique twist on the creature-collection genre. Instead of catching and battling creatures, players are thrust onto an alien planet, where they catch and raise adorable, gooey slimes. These slimes need to be fed and cared for, producing valuable plots that players can sell to upgrade their ranch. With its charming art style, engaging gameplay, and unique concept, Slime Rancher provides a relaxing and fun alternative for Pokemon fans. 

Monster Sanctuary: An Action-Packed Keeper Experience 

Monster Sanctuary, developed by Moi Rai Games, combines elements of creature-collection games with metroidvania-style exploration and strategic, turn-based battles. Released in 2020, players assume the role of a young Monster Keeper, collecting, training, and evolving a variety of monsters, using their abilities to explore the environment and defeat foes. The unique blend of genres, paired with a deep leveling system and strategic combat, make Monster Sanctuary a highly engaging experience for those seeking games like Pokemon for PC. 


If you’re a fan of Pokemon and want to explore games that offer similar experiences, these top 10 games should definitely be on your radar. Dive deeper into our product review blogs for more detailed reviews on these games and others.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are these games free to play like Pokemon?

A: Some of these games are free to play, while others require a one-time purchase or a subscription. It’s always best to check the individual game’s pricing model before you start playing.

Q: Can I play these games on other platforms, like console or mobile?

A: While our focus here was on PC games, many of these games are also available on other platforms. Always check the game’s official website or your platform’s digital store for availability.

Q: Are there multiplayer features in these games?

A: Yes, some of these games, like Temtem and Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, feature multiplayer elements, allowing you to interact and battle with other players from around the world.