This comprehensive guide will reveal the best-kept secrets and strategies, providing you with a step-by-step roadmap to track down and capture Mewtwo successfully. From understanding its behavior and spawn locations to mastering the art of throwing curveballs and leveraging teamwork, our expert tips will ensure you are well-prepared for the challenge that lies ahead. So, gather your Poké Balls and get ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime – it’s time to catch Mewtwo!


Mewtwo in Pokémon GO

How to Catch Mewtwo in Pokemon Go

Brief introduction to Mewtwo

Hey there, Trainer! Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of capturing Mewtwo, let’s get to know this magnificent creature a little better. Mewtwo, the Genetic Pokémon, was created through genetic manipulation using the DNA of the mythical Mew. Mewtwo is widely recognized as one of the most powerful Pokémon in existence, because to its amazing psychic abilities and high intelligence. As a Psychic-type Pokémon, it’s not only revered for its strength but also for its enigmatic aura.

Mewtwo’s abilities and stats

Mewtwo boasts an impressive set of stats and abilities that set it apart from other Pokémon. Its base stats include a whopping 300 Attack, 182 Defense, and 214 Stamina. As for its moveset, Mewtwo can learn powerful Psychic-type moves like Confusion and Psychic, as well as other diverse moves such as Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, and Focus Blast. This flexibility allows Mewtwo to adapt and perform well in various battle situations. Moreover, its signature move, Psystrike, is a force to be reckoned with, dealing massive damage to opponents.

Rarity and significance of Mewtwo in the game

Now, you might be wondering, “What makes Mewtwo so rare and significant in Pokémon GO?” Well, Mewtwo is not just any ordinary Pokémon; its rarity lies in its limited availability. Mewtwo can only be encountered during specific in-game events, such as Exclusive Raid Battles or special limited-time events. The challenge of capturing Mewtwo adds to its appeal and significance, making it a highly sought-after prize for dedicated trainers like yourself.

Mewtwo’s role in the Pokémon GO meta

With its extraordinary stats and diverse moveset, Mewtwo has a significant role in the Pokémon GO meta. As a powerful Psychic-type attacker, Mewtwo can dominate in both raids and PvP battles. Its versatility allows it to counter a wide range of opponents, making it a valuable asset in any Trainer’s roster. In short, Mewtwo is not only a powerful symbol of accomplishment but also a strategic advantage in your quest to become the very best Pokémon Trainer. So, gear up and get ready to chase this legendary creature – it’s time to make your mark in the world of Pokémon GO!



How to Get Mewtwo in Pokémon GO

After gaining knowledge about Mewtwo’s capabilities, your next step should be to discover the methods of acquiring this mythical Pokémon. Fortunately, there are several ways to obtain Mewtwo, and we have all the relevant details you require.


Win a five-star Raid Battle

The most common way to encounter Mewtwo is through five-star Raid Battles. Keep an eye out for announcements from Niantic about Mewtwo’s appearance in raids, as it typically coincides with special events or anniversaries. Once Mewtwo is available, join forces with other Trainers to defeat it in battle. Remember, teamwork is key, so gather your strongest Pokémon and be prepared to put up a fight! After winning the battle, you’ll have a limited number of Premier Balls to try and catch Mewtwo. Use Golden Razz Berries and aim for excellent curveball throws to increase your chances of success.

Trade a Mewtwo

Another way to obtain Mewtwo is by trading with a fellow Trainer who already has one. This method can be particularly helpful if you missed out on the raid events or couldn’t catch Mewtwo during your encounter. Keep in mind, though, that trading a legendary Pokémon like Mewtwo requires a significant amount of Stardust, especially if you’re not already Best Friends in the game. So, start saving up your Stardust and make connections with other Trainers to increase your chances of a successful trade.

Catch a Shiny Mewtwo

For those who love the thrill of collecting Shiny Pokémon, there’s a Shiny variant of Mewtwo you can hunt for. Shiny Mewtwo has a unique green tail and is even rarer than its regular counterpart. To find a Shiny Mewtwo, you’ll need to participate in Mewtwo Raid Battles when it’s available in the game. The odds of encountering a Shiny Mewtwo are relatively low, but with persistence and a little bit of luck, you might just add this stunning creature to your collection.

Catch a Shadow Mewtwo

Lastly, there’s the elusive Shadow Mewtwo. This dark and powerful version of Mewtwo can only be obtained by defeating Team GO Rocket’s boss, Giovanni. To face Giovanni, you’ll need to collect six mysterious components by defeating Team GO Rocket Grunts and assemble a Rocket Radar. Once you’ve located Giovanni, it’s time for battle! If you manage to defeat him, you’ll have the chance to catch Shadow Mewtwo. Keep in mind that events featuring Shadow Mewtwo are rare, so be prepared to act quickly when the opportunity arises.


Alternate Versions of Mewtwo in Pokémon GO

Armored Mewtwo

Aside from the regular, Shiny, and Shadow versions of Mewtwo, there is also an Armored Mewtwo variant. Inspired by the film “Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back—Evolution,” this version of Mewtwo wears a strong suit of armor. Armored Mewtwo differs from regular Mewtwo in its moveset and Defense, making it an intriguing addition to any Trainer’s roster. Keep an eye out for special events that may include Armored Mewtwo in Raid Battles so you don’t miss out on this incredible Pokémon.


Other potential future variations of Mewtwo

While Armored Mewtwo is the only alternate form currently available in Pokémon GO, it’s always possible that Niantic might introduce new Mewtwo variations in the future. With the ever-expanding Pokémon universe and the continuous evolution of Pokémon GO, we can’t rule out the possibility of seeing other intriguing Mewtwo forms or costumes. So, stay alert for any announcements, and be prepared for surprises along your Pokémon journey!

How to Battle Mewtwo and Armored Mewtwo in Pokémon GO

Now that you’re familiar with the various Mewtwo variations, it’s time to learn how to face them efficiently. Here are some essential tips to help you face off against Mewtwo and Armored Mewtwo in Raid Battles:

Use Mewtwo’s weaknesses

Both Mewtwo and Armored Mewtwo are Psychic-type Pokémon, which means they share the same weaknesses. Focus on using Bug-, Ghost-, or Dark-type Pokémon to exploit these vulnerabilities and deal more damage during the battle. Some top choices include Tyranitar with Bite and Crunch, Gengar with Lick and Shadow Ball, or Chandelure with Hex and Shadow Ball.

Don’t mind the weather

While weather can play a significant role in boosting the power of certain Pokémon and their moves, Mewtwo’s vulnerabilities aren’t affected by common weather conditions. This means that you don’t need to worry about the weather when strategizing your battle approach against Mewtwo or Armored Mewtwo. Just concentrate on using the best counters and optimizing your team for maximum damage output.

Use the best counters for Mewtwo

Assembling a strong team of counters is crucial when taking on Mewtwo or Armored Mewtwo in Raid Battles. In addition to the Pokémon mentioned earlier, other powerful counters include Yveltal with Snarl and Foul Play, Darkrai with Snarl and Shadow Ball, and Giratina-Origin with Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball. Make sure to power up your counters and optimize their movesets to maximize your chances of victory.

With these battle strategies under your belt, you’ll be well-equipped to take on the mighty Mewtwo and its alternate forms in Pokémon GO. Best of luck, Trainer!



Tips for Catching Legendary Pokémon like Mewtwo

Catching a legendary Pokémon like Mewtwo can be quite challenging, but with the right techniques and a little patience, you can increase your chances of success. Here are some tips to help you on your quest to catch Mewtwo and other legendary Pokémon:

Conserve your Premier Balls

When attempting to catch a legendary Pokémon, you’ll be given a limited number of Premier Balls based on your performance in the Raid Battle. Be strategic with your throws, and try not to waste any of your precious Premier Balls on risky shots or when the Pokémon is moving erratically.

Pile up Golden Razz Berries

Golden Razz Berries are your best friend when it comes to catching legendary Pokémon. Using a Golden Razz Berry before each throw significantly increases your chances of capturing the Pokémon. Make sure to stock up on these valuable items by participating in Raid Battles and completing special research tasks.

Make Excellent Throws

To further improve your catch rate, aim for Excellent Throws. Hitting the Pokémon within the smallest circle increases your chances of a successful capture. Practice your curveball throws as well, as they provide an additional catch rate bonus. Combining Excellent Throws, curveballs, and Golden Razz Berries is your best strategy for catching Mewtwo and other legendary Pokémon.

Collect valuable items

In addition to Golden Razz Berries, items like Silver Pinap Berries can also be helpful in catching legendary Pokémon. While they don’t offer the same catch rate boost as Golden Razz Berries, they provide extra Candy when you successfully catch the Pokémon. Additionally, ensure you have a good supply of Max Potions and Max Revives to keep your team in top shape during the Raid Battle.

FAQs About Mewtwo

What’s the difference between Regular Mewtwo and Armored Mewtwo?

Regular Mewtwo and Armored Mewtwo have some notable differences. While both are Psychic-type Pokémon, Armored Mewtwo features a suit of armor that grants it higher Defense compared to Regular Mewtwo. Additionally, Armored Mewtwo has a different moveset, making it more suitable for defensive strategies in battles.

How can you catch an Armored Mewtwo?

To catch an Armored Mewtwo, you’ll need to participate in a special Raid Battle featuring this unique variant. Armored Mewtwo is typically only available during limited-time events or promotions, so be sure to stay updated on announcements from Niantic and be prepared to act quickly when the opportunity arises. Once you defeat Armored Mewtwo in a Raid Battle, use the same catching techniques mentioned earlier to maximize your chances of adding it to your collection.

You’ll be well on your way to mastering the art of collecting Mewtwo and other legendary Pokémon in Pokémon GO with these tips and methods. Good luck, Trainer!


Team Building for Mewtwo Raids

Importance of team composition in Raid Battles

Raid Battles against legendary Pokémon like Mewtwo can be quite challenging, and having a well-rounded team is crucial for success. A strategically composed team not only increases your chances of defeating Mewtwo but also earns you more Premier Balls, improving your odds of capturing it.

Building a balanced team to counter Mewtwo

When assembling a team for a Mewtwo Raid Battle, focus on Pokémon that can exploit Mewtwo’s weaknesses—Bug-, Ghost-, and Dark-type Pokémon. Some top choices include Tyranitar, Gengar, Chandelure, Yveltal, Darkrai, and Giratina-Origin. It’s important to have a mix of tanky and high-damage Pokémon to sustain the battle and deal maximum damage. Optimize their movesets and power them up to ensure they’re battle-ready.

Strategies for coordinating with other players in Raid Battles

Coordinating with other players during Mewtwo Raids can significantly improve your chances of success. Here are some strategies for effective teamwork:

  1. Communicate with your fellow Trainers, either in person or through chat apps, to plan and strategize.
  2. Organize groups based on teams (Mystic, Valor, or Instinct) to maximize team contribution Premier Ball bonuses.
  3. If possible, arrange your raiding party to include high-level players with strong counters, ensuring a balanced and powerful team.

Advanced Strategies for Catching Mewtwo

Timing curveball throws

Mewtwo can be quite elusive, making curveball throws an essential technique for catching it. To increase your chances of success, wait for Mewtwo to perform its attack animation, and then release the curveball as the animation is about to end. This timing reduces the likelihood of Mewtwo dodging or deflecting your throw.

Using Nanab Berries to calm Mewtwo

While Golden Razz Berries are the go-to choice for most players, using a Nanab Berry can be a viable alternative, especially if you struggle with Mewtwo’s erratic movements. Nanab Berries calm Mewtwo, making it less likely to move or attack, and allowing you to focus on landing an excellent throw.

Catching Mewtwo during limited-time events

Limited-time events often offer increased spawn rates or other bonuses that can improve your chances of catching Mewtwo. Keep an eye on announcements from Niantic and be prepared to take advantage of these events. Additionally, some events may feature Mewtwo in Research Breakthroughs or other special encounters, so don’t miss out on these opportunities.

With these advanced strategies and a well-prepared team, you’ll be in the best position to take on Mewtwo in Raid Battles and add this legendary Pokémon to your collection.




The lasting appeal and challenge of capturing Mewtwo

Mewtwo has always held a special place in the hearts of Pokémon fans, and its legendary status in Pokémon GO is no exception. The challenge of capturing Mewtwo, along with its various forms, makes it an exciting and rewarding goal for both casual and dedicated Trainers. By understanding Mewtwo’s abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, you can appreciate the depth and strategy involved in capturing this iconic Pokémon.

The importance of persistence and strategy in Pokémon GO

As you embark on your quest to catch Mewtwo and other legendary Pokémon, remember that persistence and strategy are key elements of success. It’s essential to be prepared, optimize your team, and learn from each encounter to improve your chances of victory. Pokémon GO is a game that rewards patience, strategic thinking, and adaptability, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t capture Mewtwo on your first try. Keep honing your skills and refining your strategies, and eventually, you’ll prevail.

Encouraging collaboration and communication with other players

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Pokémon GO is the sense of camaraderie and teamwork it fosters. Raid Battles, in particular, provide an opportunity to team up with other Trainers and strive towards a common goal. As you go after Mewtwo and other legendary Pokémon, don’t be afraid to approach other players, share your knowledge, and learn from their experiences. You’ll not only boost your chances of catching Mewtwo if you nurture a spirit of cooperation and communication, but you’ll also make lasting friendships and memories along the way.

In conclusion, the journey to capture Mewtwo in Pokémon GO is a thrilling and challenging adventure that requires persistence, strategy, and collaboration. Embrace the challenge, learn from your experiences, and cherish the bonds you form with fellow Trainers as you work together to catch this legendary Pokémon. Good luck, and enjoy the journey, Trainer!

Additional F.A.Q.s

What are legendary Pokémon?

Legendary Pokémon are rare and powerful Pokémon that are often associated with myths and legends in the Pokémon world. They usually have higher base stats than other Pokémon and are often difficult to capture.

How can I achieve a great throw in Pokémon GO?

A great throw is achieved when the inner circle is about half the size of the outer circle when the Pokéball is thrown. To increase your chances of a great throw, time your throw when the inner circle is at its smallest and aim for the center of the circle.

What is a super incubator?

A super incubator is a special type of incubator that hatches eggs in Pokémon GO 1.5 times faster than regular incubators. It can be obtained through in-game purchases, special events, or as a reward for certain tasks.

How can I use rare candies in Pokémon GO?

Rare candies can be used to increase the candy count for any Pokémon species. To use a rare candy, open your item bag, select the rare candy, and then choose the Pokémon you want to apply it to.

How do I obtain Mew candy in Pokémon GO?

Mew candy can be obtained by completing the special research task “A Mythical Discovery”. You can also convert rare candies into Mew candy by selecting Mew from the list of Pokémon when using a rare candy.