The Best Legendary Origins

In the Pokémon games, you find yourself on a quest to catch all the Pokémon in the world to fill out the Pokédex. On occasion, you find yourself face to face with a legendary Pokémon, leaving you to wonder. Where did it come from? Well within this article, and a second one to come, we have decided to give you a little insight into the origins of some of the legendary Pokémon that you come across. Not all of the legendary Pokémon are covered, and these are rough speculations provided by folklore.


Though Mewtwo doesn’t exactly hold any real-life backstory that makes it special, the backstory it does have is twisted enough to provide us with an entertaining story. While scientists studied the DNA they found of Mew, the experimented with creating a clone. Though one of the failed mew clones is believed to be a batch of ditto, the ‘successful’ attempt provided the Pokéverse with the volatile Mewtwo.

Seeking freedom, Mewtwo destroyed the lab in which he was created, along with the scientists who created him (Aside from Mr. Fuji who is presumed to be the owner of the Mansion on Cinnibar Island), then fled to solitude to contemplate his own existence.

This is a dark view of the Pokémon world that is actually the backstory in the show, and Pokémon games when it comes to Mewtwo. Though this theory is an example of how humans actually interact with nature, it leads you to believe if Mewtwo’s existence is actually a message to children to not play God.