How The GTS Changed Handheld Pokemon Games

Back in the good old days of Pokémon games, we would need a friend or a second Game Boy and Pokémon game in order to catch’em all. We would spend hours building a good team to battle our friends, debating over what a good trade was. However, this wasn’t a fool proof way of doing things. Your friends aren’t always around. You don’t always have friends, or a cable. Some people couldn’t afford a second Pokémon game and game boy.

So, what needed to change in the Pokémon games to improve this system? What could the creators do to come up with a solution that catered to their fan base and kept them coming back for more? Well, in this discussion we will talk about how the GTS revolutionized the Pokémon games for the better. As well as how it has grown into what it is now. If you like what you read, we’d love to know so feel free to let us know in the comments below.

The Beginnings

In Generation 4, everyone was happy to get a remake of HeartGold and SoulSilver as well as Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. What they didn’t expect to find so enjoyable, however, was the GTS (Global Trade System). The GTS worked off of a Nintendo WIFI connection to link up with players around the world in order to search, trade, and battle with other trainers.

The Result

This changed the game in great ways, not just in the ways of access to Pokémon that weren’t easy to get before, but because people became more aware of the different moves and stats of their Pokémon in the Pokémon games. Everyone wanted to be the best, and this system helped spark tournaments and contests across the globe for competitive play purposes.

What GTS Became

Now, you find that the GTS is a mobile system that is embedded as a main part of the actual game. Competitive play is more popular than the games themselves, and only the best of the best are able to keep up with it. The GTS is single handedly responsible for IV and EV training, mass breeding, move breeding, and competitive battles. Without this feature, the Pokémon games would never have evolved into the kingdom that it has now.

There you have it, the way that Pokémon games were impacted by the GTS. If you can think of other ways that the games were changed by the GTS, we would love to read them in your comments. Let us know what you think, and as always, thank you for reading.