In honor of the release of Pokémon Ultra Moon and Ultra Sun, McDonald’s has announced that their Happy Meals will hold many Alolan Pokémon toys and prizes for their patrons and their children. The toys that can be found in the Happy Meals throughout November includes a light up Pikachu, Popplio that doubles as a squirt gun, as well as Rowlet, Litten, Lunala, Yungoos, Pikapek, Solgaleo, Rotomdex, and Grubbin.

Along with these 10 noted toys, there will also be 12 Sun and Moon reprinted promotional Pokémon Cards. Reprinted from earlier Sun and Moon editions, you will be able to get several Holofoil Pokémon cards from participating McDonald’s locations. These cards include Cosmog, Alolan Digglet, Alolan Meowth, Crabrawler, and the three Sun and Moon starters.

Pokémon Happy Meal Toys, Not Surprising

Though it is no surprise that the Pokémon Company has chosen McDonald’s as their outlet for these toys and promo cards. McDonald’s has been the leading sponsor for the Pokémon Company in Japan from the start, showing their support by having every McDonald’s in Japan be a gym or PokéStop. They have even used McDonald’s for past promotions involving Pokémon.

Though these toys do come with Happy Meals, not every PokeFan is a child. Because of this, you are able to buy the toys and cards separately. This event will take place in the month of November, but no exact end date has been given. Although, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a cheeseburger happy meal and having a Pokémon Battle with your friends.

Remember to check out the release of Pokémon Ultra Moon and Ultra Sun when it releases on November 17th, 2017. Who do you hope to find in your happy meal this November?

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