Pokemon GO Plus Watch is Finally Here

Are you ready to play Pokemon GO without having to stare at the screen? Well, get ready because the release of Pokemon GO Plus is right around the corner.

The Pokemon Company and Niantic are ready to let the people worldwide have access to the wearable gadget on September 16th in most countries, with a later release for a few others.

The new Pokemon GO Plus is worn on the wrist like a watch, with a similar look and it connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone, kind of like a fitness tracker. It will vibrate and light up when you are in range of a Pokemon.

Players will be able to catch Pokemon by clicking a button on the Pokemon GO Plus as well. Niantic says “You will now be able to play and have fun while hiking, running, walking, or just being in the park without having to stare at the screen constantly.”

Pokemon GO Plus was first announced back in July. While the price was not mentioned, many pre-orders could be found on various sites, and ranged up to $200-$300! Wow, right?

The good news, the Pokemon GO Plus is available on Nintendo’s U.K site for just 34.99 pounds ($46).