Pokemon GO Banned by Pentagon for Government Phones

People who use government-issued phones, such as military troops and various Defense Department personnel have been urged not to play Pokemon GO on the phones provided by the government.

A spokesman for the Pentagon, Gordon Trowbridge, stated “I believe the taxpayers would rather government issued phones be used for government related business. So, we have requested Defense Department personnel not to install Pokemon GO and other similar games on government issued devices.”

Although, he did add that “there has not been a ban on playing Pokemon GO while on Defense Department property.”

To make things even more interesting, he also acknowledged that a Pokemon GO gym is positioned at the center courtyard of the Pentagon, how cool is that?

There have been restrictions and warnings issued by military worldwide.

The official Facebook page of Join Base Lewis McChord had announced that “Since the release of Pokemon GO, there have been various accidents and serious injuries reported due to people playing Pokemon GO and looking at their phones while chasing for virtual Pokemon.”

The message also warned people “Do not chase Pokemon into areas that are restricted or controlled, homes located on base, or office buildings.”

Soldiers stationed at Army Base Fort Carson in Colorado were reminded to avoid running into the flight line. Various Naval stations were also warned “to be aware of surroundings, both for safety and respectful viewpoints,” said a Navy official.

Not only is there no sign of Pokemon GO slowing down in popularity just yet, but it appears that the interest of military troops is very high too, prompting officials to announce warnings and restrictions regarding the game around the world. Soldiers are being reminded to stay aware of their surroundings, but have not banned the game (yet).