Top 10 Best Steel Type Pokemon

The Pokémon world is vast and diverse, offering a wide array of creatures with different abilities, types, and attributes. Among the various Pokémon types, Steel Type Pokémon stand out as some of the most versatile and powerful creatures. These Pokémon, known for their unmatched defense and strategic capabilities, have become a staple in competitive battles and a favorite among trainers all around the globe.

In this article, we’re going to explore the top 10 best Steel Type Pokémon, delving into their strengths, weaknesses, evolutions, and battle strategies. Whether you’re a seasoned Pokémon master or just starting your journey, this list is sure to provide valuable insights to enhance your team and win battles.


1. Metagross


As the first powerhouse in our list, Metagross is a striking example of Steel Type dominance. This Steel/Psychic Pokemon, also known as the “Iron Leg Pokémon,” is renowned for its remarkable intellect and physical prowess.

  • Pokedex Number: #376
  • Pokemon Type: Steel/Psychic
  • Weaknesses: Fire, Ground, Ghost, Dark
  • Evolutions: Beldum > Metang > Metagross

Metagross has an impressive base stat total of 600, emphasizing its robust attack, defense, and speed. Its signature move, “Meteor Mash,” can obliterate opponents with ease, especially when paired with the “Agility” move to boost speed.

2. Steelix


The evolved form of Onix, Steelix is one of the most recognized Steel Type Pokemon. Its serpentine structure, made almost entirely of steel, renders it a force to be reckoned with in battle.

  • Pokedex Number: #208
  • Pokemon Type: Steel/Ground
  • Weaknesses: Fire, Water, Fighting, Ground
  • Evolutions: Onix > Steelix

Steelix features a base stat total of 510, making it a strong defender with a massive defense stat. Its signature move, “Iron Tail,” provides a fantastic offensive capability, especially when coupled with “Gyro Ball” to capitalize on its low speed.

3. Scizor


Next up is Scizor, a bug and steel hybrid that stands out for its speed and physical attack. Scizor’s body is as hard as steel, and its pincers are capable of crushing any object, making it a tough opponent.

  • Pokedex Number: #212
  • Pokemon Type: Bug/Steel
  • Weaknesses: Fire
  • Evolutions: Scyther > Scizor

Scizor touts a base stat total of 500, with a keen focus on attack and defense. The “Swords Dance” move, paired with “Bullet Punch,” can create an unstoppable combo, making Scizor a favorite among competitive trainers.

4. Aegislash


Aegislash, with its unique ability to change forms between offense and defense, is an iconic Steel/Ghost type Pokemon. Its sword-like appearance and regal demeanor make it a must-have for any Steel Type enthusiast.

  • Pokedex Number: #681
  • Pokemon Type: Steel/Ghost
  • Weaknesses: Fire, Ground, Ghost, Dark
  • Evolutions: Honedge > Doublade > Aegislash

Aegislash has a well-rounded base stat total of 520, and its “Stance Change” ability adds an exciting dynamic to battle. Utilizing moves like “King’s Shield” and “Shadow Ball” can provide strategic advantage, making Aegislash a masterful tactician.

5. Lucario


Lucario is a Steel/Fighting type Pokemon known for its incredible speed and agility. With the ability to sense Aura, Lucario has become a fan-favorite and an essential part of many trainer’s teams.

  • Pokedex Number: #448
  • Pokemon Type: Steel/Fighting
  • Weaknesses: Fire, Fighting, Ground
  • Evolutions: Riolu > Lucario

Lucario sports a base stat total of 525, focusing on attack and special attack. Signature moves like “Aura Sphere” and “Close Combat” make it an agile and robust competitor, especially when used with “Nasty Plot” to enhance special attack.

6. Magnezone


Magnezone is an Electric/Steel type Pokemon that looks like a UFO, making it an interesting and unique part of any team. Its magnetic pull and shocking abilities set it apart in battle.

  • Pokedex Number: #462
  • Pokemon Type: Electric/Steel
  • Weaknesses: Fire, Fighting, Ground
  • Evolutions: Magnemite > Magneton > Magnezone

Magnezone boasts a base stat total of 535, with a focus on special attack and defense. Utilizing moves like “Thunderbolt” and “Flash Cannon” ensures a powerful and electrifying performance.

7. Excadrill


Excadrill, a Ground/Steel Pokemon, is known for its drilling abilities. It can tunnel through the earth at over 90 mph, making it a fierce competitor and useful teammate.

  • Pokedex Number: #530
  • Pokemon Type: Ground/Steel
  • Weaknesses: Fire, Water, Fighting, Ground
  • Evolutions: Drilbur > Excadrill

Excadrill has a base stat of 508, with a primary focus on attack and speed. Its signature move “Drill Run” along with “Earthquake” can be a powerful combo for digging through opponents’ defenses.

8. Ferrothorn


Ferrothorn is a Grass/Steel type Pokemon, characterized by its spiky body and incredible defensive capabilities. Its unique typing and strategic moves make it a solid choice for many teams.

  • Pokedex Number: #598
  • Pokemon Type: Grass/Steel
  • Weaknesses: Fire, Fighting
  • Evolutions: Ferroseed > Ferrothorn

Ferrothorn holds a base stat total of 489, mainly focusing on defense and special defense. Moves like “Leech Seed” and “Gyro Ball” combine well with its “Iron Barbs” ability, providing a sturdy defense and continuous damage.

9. Empoleon


Empoleon, a Water/Steel type Pokemon, exudes royal elegance and poise. Its penguin-like appearance and strategic capabilities make it a popular choice for many trainers.

  • Pokedex Number: #395
  • Pokemon Type: Water/Steel
  • Weaknesses: Electric, Fighting, Ground
  • Evolutions: Piplup > Prinplup > Empoleon

Empoleon commands a base stat total of 530, focusing on special attack and defense. Utilizing moves like “Hydro Pump” and “Flash Cannon” make Empoleon a versatile and regal warrior.

10. Aggron


Aggron is a Steel/Rock Pokemon with an intimidating appearance and impressive defense. It’s well-known for its protective nature and its ability to restore its own habitat.

  • Pokedex Number: #306
  • Pokemon Type: Steel/Rock
  • Weaknesses: Water, Fighting, Ground
  • Evolutions: Aron > Lairon > Aggron

Aggron features a base stat total of 530, emphasizing defense. Signature moves like “Heavy Slam” and “Rock Slide” reflect its tough and unyielding



Steel Type Pokémon are renowned for their robust defense, strategic abilities, and distinctive appeal. Ranging from the regal Empoleon to the electrifying Magnezone, these top 10 Steel Type Pokémon each bring unique capabilities and character to the battlefield.

By understanding their strengths, weaknesses, and synergies, trainers can masterfully utilize these metal-clad creatures to gain a competitive edge. Whether you’re drawn to Lucario’s agility or Ferrothorn’s unparalleled defense, there’s a Steel Type Pokémon for every play style. So, grab your Poké Balls and embark on a journey filled with metal might and steel strength.

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