Top 10 Best Pokémon Booster Packs in 2023

As the world of Pokémon continues to evolve, so too do the booster packs that fuel our collection and battles. In 2023, we’re seeing an exciting mix of new and classic packs that deserve a spot in any collector’s stash. From nostalgia-inducing series to the latest game-changers, we’re diving deep into the best Pokémon Booster Packs to invest in this year.

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10 Best Pokémon Booster Packs


Celestial Storm Sun & Moon Booster Pack

The Celestial Storm Sun & Moon Booster Pack is a collector’s paradise. Famed for its well-rounded mix of powerful Pokémon and game-altering Trainer cards, it creates an electrifying gaming experience. Its main attraction is the powerhouse Rayquaza GX, a legendary Pokémon renowned for its massive attack potential. The set’s stunning artwork and richly themed cards based on the Hoenn region’s weather phenomena are additional reasons why this pack stands out in 2023’s Pokémon landscape.

Hidden Fates Booster Pack

If you’re on the hunt for Shiny Pokémon, the Hidden Fates Booster Pack has got you covered. It’s chock-full of gleaming surprises, making every unpacking session an event to remember. The pack’s highlight is the coveted Shiny Charizard GX, a highly sought-after card that’s a valuable addition to any collection. Known for its distinctive artwork and a healthy balance of new and classic creatures, Hidden Fates has earned its place in the hearts of fans and on our top 10 list.

Chilling Reign Sword & Shield Booster Pack

Embrace the cold with the Chilling Reign Sword & Shield Booster Pack. This set captures the icy allure of the Galar region’s Crown Tundra with its vibrant artwork and chillingly powerful cards. It features an array of potent Pokémon V and VMAX, setting the stage for thrilling battles. Special attention goes to the legendary Calyrex in its Ice Rider and Shadow Rider forms, which are major game-changers and visually impressive cards.

Evolving Skies Sun & Moon Booster Pack

The Evolving Skies Sun & Moon Booster Pack is all about fan-favorites. It celebrates the beloved Eevee and its numerous evolutions, alongside a thrilling array of Dragon-Type Pokémon. With this pack, every game promises to be an exciting adventure, featuring cards like the dazzling Rayquaza VMAX or the stunning alternate art evolutions. Whether you’re a collector or a battler, Evolving Skies delivers on all fronts.

Unbroken Bonds Sun & Moon Booster Pack

Tag, you’re it! The Unbroken Bonds Sun & Moon Booster Pack is all about partnerships, featuring a variety of impressive Tag Team GX Pokémon. Whether it’s the intimidating duo of Reshiram & Charizard GX or the cute yet formidable pair of Pheromosa & Buzzwole GX, these teams make for intense battles and superb additions to any collection. If you value teamwork and enjoy high-risk, high-reward gameplay, this pack is definitely for you.

Battle Styles Sword & Shield Booster Pack

Add a strategic edge to your battles with the Battle Styles Sword & Shield Booster Pack. This set introduces the novel Single Strike and Rapid Strike styles, giving Pokémon new ways to fight. These styles offer a dynamic layer of strategy, making each match a test of wits and skill. With powerful cards like Single Strike Urshifu VMAX and Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX leading the charge, this pack adds a breath of fresh air to the metagame.

Rebel Clash Sword & Shield Booster Pack

With high-powered VMAX Pokémon in its lineup, the Rebel Clash Sword & Shield Booster Pack is a powerhouse. The pack shines with the electric charisma of Toxtricity VMAX and the fiery force of Cinderace VMAX, offering a thrilling gameplay experience. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your deck or boost your collection with striking cards, this pack is a great choice.

Darkness Ablaze Sword & Shield Booster Pack

The Darkness Ablaze Sword & Shield Booster Pack brings the heat, literally. It features the much-coveted Charizard VMAX, a must-have for any serious collector or player. The pack’s lineup also includes other strong V and VMAX cards, like Eternatus and Centiskorch, making it a balanced and potent addition to any deck. If you’re looking to add some firepower to your collection, this pack is a hot pick.

Cosmic Eclipse Sun & Moon Booster Pack

Add a sprinkle of cosmic magic to your game with the Cosmic Eclipse Sun & Moon Booster Pack. Renowned for its vast array of TAG TEAM Supporters, this booster pack brings a unique twist to gameplay. With cards like Arceus & Dialga & Palkia GX and the adorable Pikachu & Red card, the pack’s rich selection promises to dazzle and surprise. For those seeking diversity and creativity, Cosmic Eclipse is the booster pack to go for.

Shining Fates Booster Pack

Last but definitely not least, we have the Shining Fates Booster Pack. This set offers an impressive array of Shiny Pokémon, making every unpacking session a potential jackpot. From the dazzling Shiny VMAX Charizard to the unique Shiny versions of the Galar starters, there’s plenty to discover. Whether you’re a shiny hunter or a dedicated collector, this pack is a must-own.



In conclusion, the Pokémon landscape in 2023 is rife with opportunity for collectors and players alike. Remember, the best booster pack for you depends on your personal interests, whether that’s collecting, competitive play, or both. For more detailed insights and comprehensive reviews, head over to our Product Review blogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many cards are there in a booster pack?

Each Pokémon Booster Pack typically contains 10 cards and a code card for the Pokémon TCG Online.

Are all Pokémon Booster Packs the same?

No, different series of booster packs offer different types of cards, including varying Pokémon species, Trainer cards, and Energy cards.

What are the chances of pulling a rare card from a booster pack?

The odds can vary, but generally, each booster pack contains at least one rare card. Some packs may even contain ultra-rare or secret rare cards.

Remember to keep exploring, keep collecting, and keep having fun!