Pokemon Rereleases Its Cutest Build-a-Bear Bundle

Pokemon and Build-a-Bear Workshop, two names synonymous with joy and nostalgia, have come together once again to ignite the child in us. The legendary collaboration is back with a rereleased version of its ever-popular Vulpix bundle. Grab your Pokeballs, trainers, because this adorable fire-fox is ready to be caught!

Build-a-Bear and Pokemon: A Plush Perfect Partnership

Pokemon has been a merchandise powerhouse since its debut, with an array of products delighting fans of all ages. However, few ventures have been as successful or as endearing as the partnership with Build-a-Bear Workshop. The plush toy retailer has witnessed remarkable success over the past few years, thanks to the introduction of licensed plushes.

Unleashing the Fire-Fox: Vulpix Returns!

Pokemon’s cutest bundle, the Vulpix plush, is being rereleased by Build-a-Bear. Previously seen on the secondhand market for more than $100, you can now capture this adorable Fire-type Pokemon complete with its original accessories for just $66.

A charming Pokemon with a fiery twist, Vulpix is known for its enchanting six tails and unique ability to control fire. This rereleased plush brings all these qualities to life. Arriving in its iconic brown-red hue, the bundle includes Vulpix plush, a matching sleeper, cape, and a 6-in-1 sound chip to make your experience all the more realistic.

Catch ‘Em All: More Pokemon Plush Options

Pokemon’s partnership with Build-a-Bear Workshop doesn’t just stop at Vulpix. The collection has seen the addition of several Pokemon favorites like Pikachu, Snorlax, Scorbunny, and Bulbasaur, all turned into huggable, loveable plushes. The return of Vulpix, which first launched in 2017, adds to the assortment, giving fans another chance to expand their Pokemon plush collection this summer.

If your preferences go beyond these plush bundles, don’t worry, Pokemon has got you covered. The Pokemon Center offers a wide range of merchandise, from clothing to homeware, while the viral Squishmallows continues to wow with its Pokemon collection.

Your Turn to Join the Pokemon Journey

So trainers, are you ready to add this adorable Vulpix plush to your collection? Or are there other Pokemon Build-a-Bear plushes on your shopping list? Whatever your choice, the Pokemon journey is never-ending, filled with joy, nostalgia, and loads of cute plushies!

Remember, Pokemon isn’t just a game or a TV show, it’s a lifestyle! Share your thoughts, and let us know which Pokemon plush you’re planning to catch next. Happy training!