What Pokemon Are You?

What Type Of Pokemon Are You?

Ever wondered which Pokemon you would be in the Pokeverse? Just complete this quick quiz!

What Type Of Pokemon Are You?

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What’s The Best Pokemon Type?

1. Electric, because it's electrifying!
2. Grass, plants help us survive...
3. This is a setup, isn't it?
4. Fire, Flame, Destruction!!!!
5. Water
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Which Pokemon Starter Do You Choose?

1. Bulbasaur
2. Charmander
3. Squirtle
4. Pikachu
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Do You Like This Quiz?

1. Yep!
2. Nope, but I can't stop now...
3. Carrots
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Which Special Skill Would You Want To Have?

1. I like grass...
2. Do we even exist?
3. Flood The World!
4. Mind Control & Making Everyone Do My Bidding!
5. Create Various Fire Elements
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What Is Your Favorite Color?

1. Blue
2. Orange
3. Green
4. Red
5. Purple
6. Yellow

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What Type Of Pokemon Are You?

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