What Makes a Legendary Pokemon Legendary

Anyone who has played the Pokemon games has their own opinion of legendary Pokemon. Many choose not to use them, and others strive to obtain them even though some of them are honestly not good. It makes you wonder why they are legendary at all. That got us thinking, what makes a legendary so legendary?

Well, the topic of discussion this time is what qualifies these legendary Pokemon to be considered legendary.

The Make-Up

Aside from the cooler aesthetics, what is the basic features and attributes for a legendary Pokemon? For starters, their stats. They generally have higher base stats than other Pokemon. They have legendary moves and power.

Their move sets are usually a bit customized and usually have special graphics along with them. However, that is just Pokemon games. We want to look at the series as well, what makes the Pokemon that Ash has encountered so special.

Limited Access

As we know in the Pokemon games, you only get one shot at most legendary Pokemon per game. You are only able to catch one of each legendary per game. This leaves you with only the option of trade to get multiple.

This is also a reason why their gender is usually unknown. However, in the Pokemon series, there have been visuals of multiple Lugias. This leads us to believe that, though you can only catch one in the Pokemon games, there is, in fact, more than one of each legendary in existence. At least for most of them.

Pseudo Legendary

In the Pokemon game and even in the series, there are Pokemon that have come to gain the title of pseudo legendary Pokemon. Dragonite, Salamence, and other Pokemon who have exceedingly higher stats have come to gain this title.

We previously did an article on it and you should check it out. There is also the original Pokédex entry for Arcanine which referred to him as a legendary Pokemon.

In Summery

So, in summary of this discussion, what seems to be the general idea of legendary Pokemon? Limit access in the game, high stats, unique designs and moves, and challenging location of said Pokemon.

What do you think? Can you think of any other aspects as to what makes a legendary Pokemon legendary? Let us know below, also who is your favorite legendary and do you use them in the Pokemon games?