Legendary Pokemon Terrakion removed from Raid Battles in less than 5 days.


If you want to catch yourself a Legendary Terrakion, you are running out of time, but you can still get the Swords of Justice’ second member before 1PM PT (4PM ET) on Dec. 17. At this time, it will be replaced with another Legendary Pokemon for you to add to your collection.

To encounter a Terrakion, find a five-star Raid. Catching it requires visiting a gym that hosts a Terrakion Raid, teaming up with others to battle it in person. Upon defeating the Legendary Pokemon, any player that participated will have a chance to catch the Terrakion.


Terrakion is a Rock/Fighting Pokemon, giving it many exploitable vulnerabilities. Pokemon with an advantage include:

  • Grass
  • Water
  • Psychic
  • Ground
  • Stee
  • Fairy
  • Fighting

To have the best advantage, be sure your team is loaded with these Pokemon types. For instance, Gardevoir, Machamp, and Metagross.


It is one of three Swords of Justice members, with the other two being Virizion and Cobalion. Cobalion had been in Raids during October. It’s presumed that Virizion will replace Terrakion, but nothing official has been announced about it yet.

Visit the official Pokemon website for more information.


Additionally, the Pokemon Go evolution event will be going on through December 12, making it easier to get certain items, such as the King’s Rock or Unova Stone. Of course, there are the unique evolving Pokemon that are available too, such as Togetic and Feebas.

Also, this weekend is the last Community Day of the year. Players will have two days to obtain featured Pokemon available in previous Community Days in 2019, as well as 2018. View the Pokemon Go December 2019 Community Day guide here.