Scary Pokemon Facts About The Pokemon World – Fan Theory


Whether you played the Pokemon games as a child, or whether you watched the show, there has always been something comforting about the Pokemon world. Over time, fans have created a range of theories including Pokemon Facts they believe in.

As you got older, you may have had some questions about Pokemon that were left unanswered. Maybe you just realized some things about the Pokemon world that were unsettling. Well, today we have decided to deliver an article with some scary ‘Pokemon facts’ about the Pokemon world that you may have never thought of before.

However, please note that these Pokemon facts are purely speculation and have not been stated to be true or false by game freak or the Pokemon Company.

3Humans Eat Pokemon

Yes, we know, it has been said before. Several times in fan theories and even in a couple of our articles. However, we decided to make this the number three scary fact. Though you may not find yourself dining on a Dewgong in the Pokéverse, you might find yourself partaking in some Miltank milk, or maybe Tauros burgers.

It is only natural to believe that humans in the Pokemon world eat Pokemon. Let’s face it, all the animals are Pokemon and they do eat meat. We are sure if there was a wild Garchomp about, hungry as ever, and he came across a plump hiker he would see prey. It has been stated that Pokemon prey on each other, so why wouldn’t humans prey on Pokemon, or the other way around?